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Polyplast Consultants International, Inc.

Started by Ganimedes Reveley, October 24, 2014, 09:30:50 AM

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Ganimedes Reveley

Polyplast Consultants International, Inc.

Who we are

We provide top notch consulting services that are cost effective covering various facets of polymers science and plastics technology. In addition to consulting, we also offer educational seminars on various aspects of industrial polymer science and plastics technology, training and mentoring to enhance the productivity of your work force. We can also help you in technical literature survey, report writing and patent evaluations.

PCI is uniquely qualified to act as an extension of your technical team, by offering an objective, impartial and unbiased solutions to your materials related issues. Input from PCI will strengthen your technical teams, thereby enhancing the overall effectiveness of the product development functions. We can accomplish all this by using the following simple approaches.
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    Polymer Knowledge: With over 25 years of hands-on experience, our principal consultant, Dr. Ram can offer unique solutions for solving technical issues connected with polymer products. Some of our core competencies are in the areas of materials selection, evaluation, processing and applications.

    SMART Approach: PCI believes in using Specific Measurable Achievable Realistic and Time Framed (S.M.A.R.T.) approach to solving technical problems. Streamlining all your product functions according to these principles will lead to success to your team functions and ultimately to your company. We work with you in defining the projects and goals by using this technique to track the progress.

    Open Exchange of Ideas. PCI encourages you to discuss with us your past successes, failures and any other novel ideas you may have already tried. This will help us to help you in your pursuit of achieving your goals. We can also offer you a second opinion on your projects in progress, if you need validation. All the information shared with us by our clients will be safe guarded with utmost discretion.

    Service with a Smile. Our commitment to serve you is unparallel and totally devoted to your cause. We are available to you whenever you need us.

    Hands-On Approach. At PCI we do not apply abstract concepts or industry 'buzz' words to hide behind the actual problems to be solved. We strongly believe that each and every company, their products and problems are unique and they should be addressed as such. Not by using a cookie cutter approach. We have solid expertise and background in solving real life technical projects. From PCI you will get straight forward answers to your technical problems.


Materials Sourcing and Vendor Evaluations

    Selecting the right material for right application
    Choosing high quality and low cost materials
    Improving the existing product line

Material Selection and Product Research and Development

    Global sourcing
    Pre-evaluating of vendor-supplied materials in order to save time and resources prior to process trials

Polymer Degradation and Failure Analysis

    Identifying and evaluating polymer product degradation
    Selecting and optimizing stabilizer packages, if necessary.
    Testing protocols for real time exposure studies

Critiquing client's current testing practices and suggesting improvements, if necessary.

    Selecting the right material for right application

Coordination of Third Party Testing

    Selecting the right material for right application

Collaborations with External R&D Laboratories and Universities

    Providing technical liaison between the client and independent R&D laboratories for new product development.

Guidance in Laboratory Planning, Set-up, and Equipment Selection

    Facilitating the setup of chemical and instrumentation laboratories.
    Selecting the proper equipment for analysis and testing of polymers and polymer additives

Polymer Compounding

    Assisting in formulations of flame retardant compounds, adhesives, polymer blends and alloys

Polymer Foams

    Technical expertise in polymer foams - specifically resin, blowing, and nucleating agent selection

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