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Cooner Wire Company

Started by Sclymgeour MacRigh, September 17, 2022, 11:46:21 AM

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Sclymgeour MacRigh

Cooner Wire Company

About Us

Formed by John Cooner in 1957 under the name of Service Cable and Wire with focus on specialty molded electrical cord sets and sales of fine and ultra-fine wire and cable constructions, Cooner Wire continues to excel world wide, as a premier supplier of high technology specialty wire, cable and cable assemblies.

Long term employees Patrick Weir and Steven Smith purchased Cooner Wire from the Cooner family in 1983 and continued to follow the successful direction of John Cooner in maintaining focus on the high technology, specialty wire and cable market. In 1984, Cooner Wire Interconnect Division was expanded and manufacturing was moved to Mexico.

As a pacesetter in the definitive specialty wire and cable industry, Cooner Wire has relied upon its continuing years of experience to help assist and solve complex electronic problems with their resource of experienced personnel. Cooner Wire continues to maintain worldwide recognition as the "go to" company for specialty wire and cable, and cable assembly products.

While Southern California remains the headquarter location for Cooner Wire Company, offices
in New Hampshire, China, Japan, Israel, and Mexico are maintained in order to better serve the needs of customers in those immediate areas.


As a pacesetter in the definitive specialty wire and cable industry, Cooner Wire has relied upon their continuing years of experience to assist and solve complex electronic problems with their resource of experienced personnel. Cooner Wire has emerged as the cutting edge to the multilevel needs of national, corporate and private institutions world wide.


Our goals include all necessary efforts required to improve our ability to produce and maintain excellent quality coupled with timely product availability. It is also our goal to maintain a perpetual effort towards new product development, non-catalog items for the majority of our sales, and to that end, we welcome your requests for items not catalogued.

A Message from the President

"It is the intent of Cooner Wire company to make available to our customers the knowledge and experience we have acquired through many successful years of producing application cables and accessories. It is our desire that, as much as possible, our customers be able to receive from Cooner Wire a product that meets their needs rather than manipulating their need to fit our product.

We enjoy the work that we do, and we are committed to continued product and service improvements for the benefit of our customers. Stay tuned to this website so that we may communicate these improvements to you."

Cooner Wire RoHS Policy

Cooner Wire RoHS PolicyCooner Wire Company is dedicated to offering superior materials that minimize environmental impact and maximize the performance benefits of our custom designed specialty wire and cable.

The European Union Directive 2002/95/EC (RoHS) restricts the content of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment. The European Commission has determined the maximum concentration levels of these substances that will be allowed in each homogenous material. The maximum concentrations are 0.1% for Lead, Mercury, Hexavalent Chromium, PBB, or PBDE and 0.01% for Cadmium.

Cooner Wire can offer solutions that are RoHS compliant on a wide range of custom wire designs and our large inventory of flexible wire and cable. If you need a RoHS Statement on a particular Cooner Wire part number, please email us, or call us at 818-882-8311.

We will certify that to the best of our knowledge Cooner Wire Company and its suppliers have supplied only materials that are compliant to the above RoHS regulations. (Please note that neither Cooner Wire Company nor its suppliers routinely analyze products for materials or substances not purposely added.)

Contact Us

Cooner Wire Company
9265 Owensmouth Ave
Chatsworth, California 91311
Ph: 818.882.8311 • Fax: 818.709.8281

There are several ways to get in contact with Cooner Wire. You can use our direct mailing address above, our contact form below or one of the following email addresses:



Cooner Wire Company