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NCI National Cables Industry

Started by Fayrah Jumana MOON, October 18, 2021, 09:31:43 AM

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Fayrah Jumana MOON

About Us

National Cables Industry was established in 2001 in the Emirate of Sharjah, where Head Office and Manufacturing Facility are located with a spacious area of 150,000 square meters with a paid-up capital of A.E.D. 220 Million.

Since its inception, NCI has been dedicated to fulfilling its mission to "POWER THE NATION" which is based on a strong technological base, continuous improvement, maintaining a high level of quality standards and delighting customers. NCI is a young dynamic company driven by a desire to delight customers through continuous improvement. At NCI new opportunities are welcome, change is embraced, Investment is continuous in people, equipment, systems, methods and applying best practices are all part of the pursuit of "PUTTING QUALITY AND THEREFORE CUSTOMER FIRST".

Experience, technical expertise, a dynamic approach to customer partnerships, and an on-going commitment to product innovation, are just some of the reasons for choosing the National Cables Industry as the preferred alternative in the wire and cable industry. From power cables for construction to state-of-the-art watertight cables for high water table areas, low smoke and zero halogen wires and cables for safe areas such as high rise buildings, Fire Resistant Cables for overcrowded and populated locations to hi-tech office settings are some of the types which are included in NCI's product range.  National Cables Industry's products have set industry standards for value, reliability, and innovation. NCI product range includes but not limited to:

NCI's Quality Management System ISO 9001: 2015 is certified by British Approval Services for Electric Cables (BASEC) including BASEC Product Certification Requirements (PCR 2.6), NCI's Occupational Health & Safety Management System ISO 45001:2018 & Environmental Management System ISO 14001:2015 is certified by RICI. NCI has BASEC Product marking License for 1 core and 4 core 0.6/1 kV Cables,  NCI 2,3 and 4 Core Fire Resistant Cables are LPCB Certified.NCI has obtained Emirates Quality mark certification for Low and Medium-voltage cables & wires from  ESMA, U.A.E

NCI's progress over the years has not gone unnoticed and has been acknowledged by prestigious awards in the Middle East such as the "Sharjah Gulf Excellence Award 2019", "Sharjah Economic Excellence Award 2008 and 2012", "H.H. Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Business Award 2005", "Gulf Excellence Award 2006", and "Dubai Quality Appreciation Program in 2006".

    PVC and LSZH insulated 450/750 Volts Building wires including Flexible wires.
    Control Cables 600/1000V with XLPE & PVC Insulation.
    Low voltage cables 600/1000 V and 1900/3300 cables with Copper/Aluminium conductor, with XLPE/PVC insulation, Armoured/Unarmoured type, with/without a metallic screen with/without lead sheath and PVC/LSZH/MDPE/HDPE and special grade PVC sheathing grades.
    Medium Voltage Cables up to 45 K.V. with Copper/Aluminium conductor, with XLPE insulation,  Armoured/Unarmoured type, with tape/wire metallic screen, with/without lead sheath, with PVC/LSZH/MDPE/HDPE, special grade PVC sheathing grades, Specific and special water block designs as per customer requirements.
    Overhead line conductor ranges of Hard drawn copper conductors, AAC, AAAC, ACSR, ACSR/AW, AACSR.ACAR and Aerial Bundle Cables.
    Fire Resistant Wires and Cables.
    High Voltage Cables with Copper/Aluminium Conductor, with XLPE insulation, Tape/Wire metallic screen, with/without a lead sheath, with/without PE Laminated sheath and HDPE/PVC sheathed cables.

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