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Sierra Cables PLC.

Started by Senghor Tongaat, December 07, 2014, 05:44:09 PM

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Senghor Tongaat

Sierra Cables PLC.

Our Company

Sierra Cables was established in April 1978 and has now grown into one of the foremost companies and has launched its supremely productive and functional cables and Enamelled winding Wire of matchless quality, at very competitive prices. We are one of the prominent pioneers in cable manufacturing industry in Sri Lanka. We Sierra Cables are an ISO 9001 certified organization.


Our goal is be competitively and qualitatively as responsible as possible to our customers- a total customer – oriented commitment. The guiding principle of our staff will always be merit, proven competence, stability and qualifications and consider our customers as their no 1 priority.


The company is ideally located near Kaduwela somewhat away from the hustle & bustle of the crowded capital, but still conveniently located within 40 kms.from the katunayake Airport and 25 kms. From the Colombo port, thus facilitating easy freightage. Further, easy access from both trunk roads, Colombo – Kandy and Colombo - Rathnapura, makes the approach to our office cum factory.

Corporate Information

Company Name:    Sierra Cables PLC.
Head Office & Factory:    P.O. Box 06, 39/1A, Galvarusa Road,
Korathota, Kaduwela, Sri Lanka.
Date of Establishment:    21st April, 1978
Business Registration No:    PQ 166
Board of Directors:    W.A.P. Perera
G.S.M. Irugalbandara
L.D.N. Nayana
D.S. Panditha
E.A.D.T.B. Perera
R.M.S. Fernando
Auditors:    KPMG Ford Rhodes Thornton & Co.,
Sri Mohamad Macan Marker Mawatha,
P. O. Box 180, Colombo 03. Sri Lanka.
Lawyers:    Paul Rathnayake Associates
No. 59, Gregorys Road, Colombo 07. Sri Lanka.
Secretaries to the Company:    P.R. Secretarial (Pvt.) Ltd.
No. 59, Gregorys Road, Colomb 07. Sri Lanka

Commercial Bank of Ceylon Limited.
Foreign Branch, No.21, Bristol Street,
Colombo 01. Sri Lanka.

State Bank of India.
Sir Baron Jayathillake Mawatha,
Colombo 01. Sri Lanka.

Sampath Bank Limited.
No. 895, Athurugiriya Road,
Malabe. Sri Lanka.


Our company is manned by an extremely efficient team of highly qualified, dedicated and success- oriented people. We are today, a fast growing dynamic company already recognized as one of the finest marketers and distributors in the cable industry. We own this success to the professional efforts of our staff. They are totally committed and customer-oriented. Our employees are the company's most valuable asset. We for our part attached the greatest importance to the maintenance of the highest standards of health, safety and welfare of our employees.

Equipment and Machinery

We use qualitative material, insisting on the highest quality-control standards in all our imports:-
Enamelling machines from Austria & Italy, Cable Manufacturing Machinery from Germany, Australia, France and Taiwan high quality copper from Australia and Korea enamel solution from France and Germany and PVC from Singapore and Malaysia.

The highest quality standards are continuously and stringently maintained in every facet of all our products. Matchless quality is the hallmark of all our products.


We Manufacture power cables single core up to 1000mm2, Four core up to 300 mm2, Enamelled winding wire from 0.1 mm to 4.00 mm. Total Production capacity is more than 6000MT per Year.

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