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Aberdare Cables (PTY) Ltd.

Started by Quentin Beauvilliers, January 21, 2015, 12:43:36 PM

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Quentin Beauvilliers

Aberdare Cables (PTY) Ltd.


Aberdare Cables, a member of the Powertech Group, is a leading African cable manufacturer and has been in existence since 1946.  We manufacture an extensive range of electrical cables for application in power generation, transmission and distribution; infrastructure (rail, ports, airports); petrochemical; mining as well as building and construction.  Our four manufacturing sites and seven customer service centres in South Africa enables us to provide personalised service to our entire customer base.  Offshore operations in Mozambique, Portugal and Spain provide seamless entry of stock into Africa and Europe.

We take pride in our ability to identify and satisfy customer needs through the development of innovative products coupled with unique, cost effective cabling solutions.  This and our extensive project experience make us the supplier of choice for cable and special cable projects.

Technology focus

We pursue on-going technology development programmes; and through active association with local and overseas affiliates, we remain at the forefront of technology.  Our company has been recognised internationally as a pioneer in cable advancements.  We serve on a number of SABS and International Electro Technical Commission (IEC) cable working groups.  More than a decade ago, in a move towards facilitating the provision of electricity for all with South and Southern Africa, our company designed products with an emphasis on cost efficiency of electrification.  To this end, we created the Electrodac range, which is aimed specifically at facilitating rural electrification by lowering the cost of electricity delivery.  More recently, in accordance with Siemens specifications, Aberdare produced an unarmoured cable with stringent fire characteristics that was designed to reduce the propagation of fire by cables.  This cable is used at Eskom's open-cycle gas turbine generators in Mossel Bay and Atlantis.  To cater for international markets, Aberdare introduced fire survival cable with stringent properties that allow continuous operation and circuit integrity for extended periods during a fire.

Quality focus

Our company is a forerunner in the industry with regard to quality.  The manufacturing, quality assurance, testing and research resources of Aberdare are of a world-class standard.  In fact, our company was one of the first organisations in South Africa to be awarded the South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) Quality Assurance Certification, and has been ISO 9001 compliant for many years.  Aberdare Cables is UL listed and has Basec QA accreditation.

Transformation focus

We have embraced the empowerment concept.  Today, Izingwe Consortium owns 30% of Aberdare and the company has assisted in the development of a number of black enterprises including DRUMCO, the company that makes our cable drums.

At Aberdare, education, training and development are seen as a foundation for economic productivity and as crucial tools to build empowered and dedicated employees.  In this regard, our company actively promotes and follows a number of educational programmes, including adult education, apprentices, trainees, learnerships and formal education assistance.

We have always been an active supporter and pillar of strength for the communities in which we operate.  Our company is championing a number of social investment initiatives across our country.  One of our larger investments has been the continuous sponsorship of Sinethemba home for street children in Port Elizabeth.

Further examples include:

On-going supply of equipment to the Abercare Centre; an organisation based in Pietermaritzburg that provides a sense of self-sufficiency and pride to mentally and physically disabled people.

An investment of R1million in computer workstations for a computer laboratory at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, that allows students from disadvantaged backgrounds access to vital computer amenities, and half-a-million Rand investment into an administration block at the Charles Duna School in New Brighton.

Involvement in 'fringe' communities such as provision of equipment and materials to Sunfield Homes, in Johannesburg, for the assembly of Moon Lights and cable end caps, which the home sells to generate a measure of self-sufficiency, adds a further dimension to community involvement.

As a proudly South African company, Aberdare participated actively in the development of the ICT charter and the draft DTI BBBEE codes. Aberdare will continue to adopt a proactive approach to effect the transformation that the codes specify and to lead the cable industry in this regard. We enjoy a BBBEE status of Level 2 (AAA).

Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement

Our Vision

Through our people and customer relationships, we deliver quality cabling solutions, innovation and value added services.

Our Goals

• To build a world class human capital asset base.
• To deliver a high quality, well-engineered product on-time and in-full.
• To achieve and uphold the number one position in the South African market.
• To produce profit returns and growth factors commensurate with our shareholders' requirements.

Our Values

Trust:                 We are fair, ethical and reliable in our actions and relationships.

Accountability: We accept responsibility for our decisions and actions.

Commitment:    We display dedication to our every deed.

Excellence:       We are dedicated to continuously improving everything that we do.

Teamwork:        One company, one team!  We respect, support and value one another.

Our Commitment to our People

At Aberdare it is the quality of our people that make our company successful.  Our dynamic workforce comprises of people from different backgrounds working together toward a common goal.  A workplace that values diversity shows various benefits which include: enhanced creativity, better problem solving, heightened motivation, increased productivity and improved communication.

Education, training and development are not only the foundation for economic productivity but also crucial tools to build empowered and dedicated employees.  Within this ethos, we will continue with our endeavour to develop our employees to their fullest potential.

Our Commitment to Quality

At Aberdare quality is a non-negotiable, and is regarded as a cornerstone of our business.  We are proud to say that our manufacturing, quality assurance, testing and research resources are of a world-class standard.  In fact, we were one of the first companies in South Africa to be awarded the South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) Quality Assurance Certification, and we have been ISO 9001 compliant for many years.  For international market requirements, we are UL listed and have Basec QA accreditation.

We understand that the quality of power cable is integral to maintaining up time of electricity supply.  While modern locating techniques can quickly locate cable faults, Aberdare does everything in its power to ensure that when our cables leave our factories they are as close to fail proof as possible.  Our products are subject to rigorous testing at various stages of the lengthy manufacturing process before being released for sale.

Research and Development

Aberdare continually pursues on-going technological development of cable.  Through active association with our local and overseas affiliates, we strive to remain at the forefront of technology.  We are proud to be recognised internationally as pioneers in cable advancements.  As a result thereof, we serve on a number of SABS and International Electro Technical Commission (IEC) cable working groups as well as Cigre.  Our technology development is very closely linked to our focus on our customers' individual requirements.

Domestic and International Growth

Our product range is distributed to the domestic market through a network of strategically located sales branches that enable the provision of personalised service to our entire customer base.

Our state-of-the-art distribution facility located in Johannesburg, South Africa is perfectly positioned to facilitate delivery efficiencies across the country thus ensuring above average turn-around times are executed and maintained.

Established sites in Mozambique and Namibia as well as appointed agents facilitate smooth entry of stock into other African countries, whilst operations in Portugal and Spain provide seamless entry to Europe.

Aberdare History

Founded in Port Elizabeth
Sold to NKF/Philips
Aycliffe Cables acquisition
Contronics Cables acquisition
ASEA/Scottish Cables merger
Altron purchase of Aberdare Group
Raytech/Sigmaform acquisition
Alcobre Cables acquisition
Delta Cables acquisition
SAPVC acquisition
Lambda Cables acquisition
Aberdare Intelec established
Ikwezi Equity deal
Telecom Networks established
Cables de Comunicaciones acquisition
Corning Equity Alliance
Ikwezi Equity Alliance
Alcon Marepha Equity Alliance
Connectorisation Operation (Ubuzwe 25.1%)
Ikwezi name change to Matomo Group
IZINGWE Consortium 30% Shareholding
Technology Intergrated Solutions (TIS) formed.
Swanib cables acquisition
CBi-Electric Aberdare ATC Telecoms cables
Establishment of Hong Kong branch.
100% ownership of Aberdare Cables De Communicaciones
Consolidation of our head office, distribution centre & Gauteng manufacturing plant into Group Operations Centre (GOC)
Aberdare takes over the marketing, distribution and sales of Crabtree products

Research and Development

Our Commitment To Research And Development

Aberdare positions itself, and has indeed been recognised throughout the world, as a pioneer in technological advancement. This philosophy has been amply illustrated by our success in developing unique solutions to everyday problems faced by an incredibly wide range of industries.

In co-operation with the South African Bureau of Standards (SABS - the national standards organisation), Aberdare serves on a number of International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) cable working groups, one of which deals with the development of test methods for cables in fire situations.

Aberdare works closely with the South African Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) and various major Universities and Technikons in the quest to continuously upgrade its product range and manufacturing capabilities.

Aberdare is determined to retain its leadership in the cable industry through the development of cost-effective solutions to common problems faced by many of the world's developing nations, and by working closely with customers to meet their every possible need.

We are determined to remain abreast of international developments, and indeed set our own goals to maximise our company's growth.

It is this philosophy that Aberdare is determined to follow, now and into the 21st century.

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