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CABELTE Cabos Eléctricos e Telefónicos, S.A

Started by Andrew caldwell Martin, October 29, 2014, 01:14:37 AM

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Andrew caldwell Martin

CABELTE Cabos Eléctricos e Telefónicos, S.A

Mission & Vision Principles         


To consolidate the position we hold as one of the biggest European producer, constituting ourselves as a Centre of Excellence in demanding markets, providing products and systems of bigger value added.


Our aim is to conceive, produce and to sale excellent and distinct products and systems, thus fulfilling the expectations and needs of our customers, galvanizing the reliance ties and strong partnership.

   - maintaining the stake of the Group by investing on I&D activities which will ensure our leadership on the markets we operate;
   - assuming the fair return to the shareholders, by constantly improving and refining the performance of the Group;
   - in the rigorous fulfilment of the financial and social promises assumed with our BUSINESS PARTNERS and with the COMMUNITY;
   - sharing the success of the Group with the employees by ensuring their well being personally and professionally.

Governance System         

Cabelte's Group Governance System is based in a structure composed by the Board of Directors, who is common to the Holding and to all the other companies of the Group, and in a branched structure composed by Departments, most of them carrying out transversal functions to all the companies of the Group.
Some of these Departments are integrated in companies juridical independents and performing shared services (Conexus and WinBrain). They provide specialized services to the companies of the Group and also to other customers out of Cabelte's Group scope.

The Board of Directors is professionalized and it is composed by the Group's shareholders and by managers with proved expertise and experience forming the Executive Committee.

Board of Directors

The Governance structure is within the scope of the Board of Directors and its management is assured by the Executive Committee, supported by departements with transversal functions to all the companies of the Group.