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NPA Skawina ( Boryszew S.A. Oddział Nowoczesne Produkty Aluminiowe Skawina )

Started by Quentin Beauvilliers, August 13, 2015, 01:33:49 PM

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Quentin Beauvilliers

NPA Skawina ( Boryszew S.A. Oddział Nowoczesne Produkty Aluminiowe Skawina )

About us

Modern Aluminium Products Skawina is the only producer of so-called wire rods in Poland, which is the starting material for wire drawing of cables and wires made of aluminium and aluminium alloys for the production of electrical energy cables and so-called non-wire rod to be used in metallurgy as deoxidizing agent.

Products of the company (wire rod, wires and cables) are manufactured on the basis of various standards such as European standards EN, Polish standards PN, German DIN, American ASTM, Russian GOST or technical specifications supplied by the customer. Our products are sold to the world's largest producers in the field of energy, automotive, household appliances and foodstuff markets.

Modern Aluminium Porducts Skawina formed as a result of ownership transformations of former Skawina Metallurgy Plants established in 1954. We develop our activity by using the knowledge and experience we have gained over the 60 years of existence of our factory combining it with a clear vision of the modern use of the remarkable possibilities of aluminium application.

We are part of the Boryszew Capital Group SA quoted in WIG 30 index, as one of the thirty largest companies of the Warsaw Stock Exchange. Companies included in the Boryszew Capital Group of enterprises are engaged in the production of components for the automotive sector, chemical materials, metal oxides, metal elements.

Production activities

Rolling Department
    it makes alloy, conductor and non-conductor wire rods for our own needs (as a semi-finished product for further processing) and an end product sold to domestic and international customers.

Conductors Department
    this department uses wire rods manufactured by the Rolling Department to make wires (as an end product for external customers or as a semi-finished product for the company's own needs) and conductors (as an end product made by twisting the wires provided at an earlier stage).

Company's history

    1951-1954 - Beginning of the construction of Skawińskie Zakłady Metalurgiczne (Skawina Metallurgical Plant)
    1954 - Official opening of the Plant on 20th July
    1959 - The Plant is named Huta Aluminium Skawina (Skawina Aluminium Smelting Plant)
    1980-1981 - Liquidation of the Electrolytic Department due to environmental protection requirements
    1997 - On 24th February, IMPEXMETAL SA became an owner of 75% of ZM Skawina SA's shares in return for liabilities. On 10th July, ZM Skawina SA was granted the ISO 9002 quality certificate.
    1998 - Huta Aluminium Konin (Konin Aluminium Smelting Plant) became an owner of 68.99% of ZM Skawina SA's shares.
    2001 - On 1st September, Nowoczesne Produkty Aluminiowe Skawina (Modern Aluminium Product Branch in Skawina) started its business operations based on assets purchased from ZM Skawina under liquidation.
    2006 - Production of wire rods made of a new kind of aluminium alloy Al. 59. The purchase and assembly of state-of-the-art machines for the production of weaves and wires.
    2007 - The launch of the production of wire rods with a new kind of aluminium alloy – AlZr. Further purchases of state-of-the-art machines for the production of aluminium wires and development of manufacturing niche lines of products.
    Transition to the BORYSZEW Capital Group.
    2012 - On 19th December 2012, NPA Skawina S.A. and Boryszew S.A. underwent a merger. As a result of the merger, Boryszew S.A. Oddział Nowoczesne Produkty Aluminiowe Skawina (Modern Aluminium Product Branch in Skawina) was established.

Quality policy

The basic element of the mission of Boryszew S.A. Oddział Nowoczesne Produkty Aluminiowe Skawina (Modern Aluminium Product Branch in Skawina) is to manufacture products with aluminium and aluminium alloys that meet customers' needs.

We provide our customers with:

    Aluminium wire rods and aluminium alloy wire rods for the following applications:
    - Constructional purposes,
    - Production of cables and power cables, and
    - Steel industry,
    Wires made of aluminium and aluminium alloys for a wide range of sizes and shapes,
    Aluminium battery cables and other cables for the automotive industry,
    A wide range of power cables,

The ability to customize the offered products to customer

Our commitments

While executing tasks defined for all positions, the Management Board and each employee are required to:

    Meet the requirements of the quality management system in accordance with the ISO 9001:2008 standard;
    Seek and implement technical, technological and organisational solutions to improve products and the company's quality management system;
    Identify customer's needs and expectations.

The Management Board is committed to continuously improving the system by:

    Setting and accounting for objectives related to quality, resulting from customers' needs and expectations as well as needs conditioning the company's proper operation;
    Ensuring competent staff;
    Ensuring adequate resources in terms of utilities and facilities;
    Inspecting the functioning of the quality management system and evaluating its effectiveness.

Customer satisfaction is a major factor behind the company's success