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BV Twentsche Kabelfabriek (TKF)

Started by Andrew caldwell Martin, October 28, 2014, 10:14:37 AM

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Andrew caldwell Martin

BV Twentsche Kabelfabriek (TKF)

TKF Profile

Founded in 1930, TKF has developed from a local Dutch cable producer to a cable technology leader servicing customers all over the world. As a member of TKH Group NV, a Netherlands based international group of technology-powered companies, TKF has access to various international marketing, purchasing sales and research groups with diverse specialisms.

TKF has dedicated itself to delivering innovative Telecom, Building and Industrial Solutions that match specific customer needs. A good strategy, looking at the long-term relationships between TKF and a growing number of companies. Professionals who value the continuous pursuit of a better understanding between suppliers, customers, contractors, installers and end-users.

TKF naturally takes its corporate social responsibility into account. Innovation, Growth and Responsibility are key factors for TKF.

Mission Statement TKF

Our inspiration comes from developing, selling and manufacturing innovative, high-quality cable concepts. In situations of defiant requirements for functionality and reliability of cable connections, we are the partner.

We achieve our goals by continuous attention for and investments in our employees, production facilities and the environment.

We are TKF!

TKH Group NV

Mission statement
TKH intends to be an innovative leading niche player by providing Telecom, Building and Industrial Solutions based on technologically advanced system concepts, products and related services.

TKH is an international group of companies that operates as a solutions supplier specialising in the development and delivery of innovative Telecom, Building and Industrial Solutions.

The activities in the form of technologies, know-how, products and added value such as consulting, development, assembly and delivery of systems, form the building blocks of innovative solutions. These activities are concentrated in three groups: the Technical Trading group, the Cable group and the Machinery group.

Continuous research and development yields a range of products and services that guarantees technologically advanced solutions. The TKH group is active all over the world. The group's growth is concentrated in North-West and Eastern Europe and in Asia.