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KI CABLE Co., Ltd.

Started by Virgolino De Freitas, April 21, 2015, 04:29:23 PM

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Virgolino De Freitas

KI CABLE Co., Ltd.

About Us


    KI Cable humbly began in 1981 in Seoul, Korea and has since become one of the most successful manufacturers of wire and cable products.

    KI Cable provides the industrial, robotics, factory automation, aerospace, shipbuilding, transportation, telecommunications, and medical industries with all their cable products. In addition, KI cable provides products for manufacturers, the government, and the military.

    For over 30 years, KI Cable has aggressively invested in research and development, manufacturing facilities, and testing equipment. Our commitment to maximizing customer satisfaction and social responsibility (CSR) has led KI Cable Co. to bring the highest level of service to our business.

    As a partner of Siemens, ADT, Samsung, Hyundai, etc., KI Cable offers our customers the highest quality products. By focusing on R&D, KI Cable has been successful at obtaining ISO 9001:2000, ISO 14000:2000 as well as obtaining international quality certifications including UL, CSA, CE, TUV, CC-link, etc.

    We promise to all our valued customers that the highest priority of KI Cable's management and sales teams will be meeting and exceeding our customers' every expectation, and we will contribute all our resources to improving quality, pricing, and service.

Milestones of KI CABLE history since 1981

    Obtained CC-LINK(Fixed)
    Obtained CC-LINK(Moving)
    Obtained CE(TUV)
    Opened U.S. Branch in Torrance, California
    Started to supply ADT
    Company obtained ISO 14000:2000
    Started to supply Samsung
    Started to supply Hyundai
    Obtained ISO 9001: 2000
    Moved to Gyeonggi-do and extended the manufacturing capacity
    Started to supply KIA
    Added UL and CSA style cable to its product line
    Company founded in Seoul, Korea

Quality is our top priority

    KI Cable is an independent company that manufactures and sells cables, wires, and accessories. KI Cable has high quality and environment standards, which is why the company introduced an integrated management system for creating quality products within environmentally-friendly guidelines based on the principles of the DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 and DIN EN ISO 14001:2009 standards.

    The quality and environmental policies at KI Cable focus on satisfying the market requirements while operating within environment protection regulations. Our success is measured in the trust and satisfaction of our customers, which can be seen through the commercial success of our company and longstanding customer relationships.

    Around the world, our employees are continuously committed to satisfying our quality and environmental principles. Our high standards are reflected in the following.

Product quality

We produce reliable products that meet the specifications to satisfy customer requirements.

Environmental protection

The protection of the environment is a fundamental part of our work as a company, and we strive to exceed the regulatory standards.
We aim to reduce our impact on the environment through such initiatives as our German cable reel recycling program, biogas heated logistics center, and manufacturing facility, which produces electricity for the local power grid through the use of roof-mounted solar cells.

Continuous improvement

We continuously develop and implement enhancements for products, processes, environmental protection procedures, and occupational safety requirements currently in place.


Qualified employees that cooperatively work in teams and combine a high level of self-responsibility and independence with a marked awareness for quality and the environment ensure the success of the management system at KI Cable.


Develop partnerships with suppliers that will work with us to satisfy our quality and environment standards.


Cost and environmental awareness is maintained by every employee to satisfy customer requirements, while maintaining the ability to effectively respond to changing circumstances.


We create products that satisfy specifications and are processed quickly and efficiently, while avoiding harmful impact to the environment.


We provide outstanding and ethical customer service to maintain our credibility as an industry leader. The integrated quality and environment management system supports the factors of success at KI Cable and documents how we work. This is recorded in the management manual, whose rules are binding for all employees.

Our Strengths

    Over 30 year
    Short lead time
    (2 weeks)
    Small MOQ
    (Min. 2KM)
    24h / 7days