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Incable S.A

Started by Evdokija Galina Tasovac, August 30, 2022, 08:11:47 AM

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Evdokija Galina Tasovac

Incable S.A 

Who we are

We are a company with 40 years of experience in manufacturing and commercialization of copper and aluminum wires and cables. Also, we have an extension cords line by our registered brand CORDS that includes range & dryer appliance and replacement cords.

Our excellent-quality products and personalized customer service seek to ensure trust and certainty as the main purpose.

The quality of our products is supported by INEN (Ecuadorian Service of Standarization) certification in Ecuador. Several of our products are certificate by UL (Underwriters Laboratories), CIDET (Center for Research and Technological Development of the Electricity Sector), and INMETRO (National Institute of Metrology, Standardization and Industrial Quality), this contributes to national commercialization and international market enlargement in Peru, Colombia, Chile, Bolivia, Paraguay, United States, and Brasil.

Visit us and see what our efforts and excellent-quality products positively bring. Welcome to the INCABLE family.

Integrated Management Policys

INCABLE S.A. commits to:

    Meet the legal requirements, norms, and others, in which the organization is subscribed, regarding quality, environment, security, and workplace health.
    Perform, in accordance to fabrication norms, dimensional, mechanic and electric testing in our company's quality laboratory. Each of the laboratory members must prove to be excellent workers.
    Allocate resources to continuously enhance our company's process development, while satisfying customers and reaching for goals.
    Assume responsibility, at each organizational stage, of the management and assurance of the company so to avoid alcohol and drug consumption, illegal trafficking, or any unlawful activity.

Sales policies

Every order is to be acknowledged by the main quarters of INCABLE S.A. in Guayaquil, in which the client receives a copy of the Order Form with the confirmation seal. Such copy indicates the order's definitive delivery time, unless acts of God, technical inability or unexpected circumstances are presented. Once confirmed, the order can't be changed or cancelled without the consent of both parties. If the product's fabrication already started, the buyer would have to make the payment.
INCABLE S.A. will sell the merchandise according to the features specified by the client and written on the order. The company won't take responsibility if those features don't correspond to the client's actual needs.

Due to technical reasons, INCABLE S.A. reserves the right to make wires or cables with specific features that don't classify as stock items. That being said, there is an allowance of up to 5% in units or weight, whether is by excess or under the minimum quantity requirements. In such case, the client will have to accept such allowance, and pay the agreed unit price of the efficiently delivered quantity.

The product, sold by INCABLE S.A as a first-class material, is guaranteed against workforce or material defects. The company is not however responsible if the acquired product does not match with a specific use by a client. INCABLE S.A. assumes no responsibility for the results or consequences that the product usage by clients or third parties may bring; as well as the usage of the given products with any other materials. In any case, INCABLE S.A. is only in control to replace the sold material. The company won't, implicitly or explicitly, offer a guarantee concerning other materials. No agent or representative is authorized to participate on any representation, promise or agreement. No complain will be admitted and no credit note will be given for returned materials with no specific authorization by INCABLE S.A. in Guayaquil.

No exchanges will be permitted once the merchandise is delivered. If there is a justified cause, the item will be accepted within a maximum of 30 days and previous authorization of an INCABLE S.A. employee. The client would assume the transportation cost.

Unless there's a special agreement, the client is responsible for the merchandise transportation, regarding loss, damage, freight charge.
If, by wish of the client, the merchandise delivery is postponed, the fabricated quantity will be billed as received. INCABLE S.A. reserves its right to charge such bill to the client, including storage. The client is held accountable for the storage of the merchandise.

If there would be any legal, governmental or administrative regulation that directly or indirectly increases the production or sale cost of the items, described in the actual order, these will be subject to an increase of price according to the equivalent quantity of such regulation.

INCABLE S.A. may suspend the credit and consequent delivery of the order, when convenient; whether it's because the clients have failed to pay their part to any creditor, or there is a justifiable financial or moral situation regarding the client

Credit policy

    Fill out a credit form and attach the following documents:
        A copy of the ID.
        A copy of the updated register of taxpayers.
        An original and updated bank reference (not older than 3 months).
        A legal person must also include a copy of current legal counsel nomination.
    To be qualified for credit there mustn't be any negative references on the Risk Office.
    There must be an active checking account of no less than 1 year.
    There must be a minimum of two years of experience in the business.
    Clients with expired receipts and/or protested checks won't be billed under any circumstance.
    In case of having a protested check, the client ought to pay the bank's protest charge.
    Clients with expired receipts of over 15 days will be charged for overdue payments.
    The capacity may increase or diminish, based mostly on the credit movement, the experience with our company and the punctuality of payments.
    Clients with non-approved credit applications, bad payment records, or suspended credits will be able to pre-pay their purchase.
    Clients with a year of inactivity must update their data: fill out the credit application once again and attach the required documents.
    The checks that are received as a support for the sent bills can't be property of third parties.
    All cash sales must be paid at our Main quarters in Guayaquil. If the payment is by check, this must be certified. If there isn't any certification, the merchandise will only be shipped when the cash is present on our account.
    The maximum authorized deadline for the postponed checks lasts 3 days. If clients need more time, they will be charged with postponement interests.

Our offices

Guayaquil - Ecuador

    Km 26 vía Perimetral lotización Inmaconsa Calle Ciruelos Mz. 16 Solar 7
    593 (4) 211 - 3815 / 211 - 3840 / 211- 3233
    P.O. Box: 8765

Quito – Ecuador

    Calle Alemania E357 y Guayanas, Edificio Alemania, 4to. Piso Oficina 401, cerca del Centro Comercial El Jardín.
    593 (02) 245 - 0956 / 602 - 2730 / 602 – 2731

Guayaquil - Ecuador

    Address: Km. 26 perimeter road, Inmaconsa lot. Ciruelos street, block 16, Lot 7.
    Telephones: 593 (4) 211 - 3815 / 211 - 3840 / 211- 3233
    P.O. Box: 8765

Quito - Ecuador

    Address: Alemania street E357 and Las Guayanas, Building Alemania, 4th floor, Office 401, near El Jardín Shopping Mall.
    Telephones: 593 (02) 245 - 0956 / 602 - 2730 / 602 – 2731

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