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Cunext Copper Industries, S.L.

Started by Vernon Krikorian, January 03, 2023, 07:43:42 PM

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Vernon Krikorian

Cunext Copper Industries, S.L.

Cunext Group is a group of companies dedicated to the transformation of high quality copper, and which has today taken a step forward into the world of aluminium.

At present our group counts with branches in Córdoba, Madrid, Barcelona, Oviedo and Vitoria, and has a clear target: to be the leading manufacturer of efficient materials for conducting and transmitting electricity and data.  However, our history goes back to 1917, with the foundation of The Spanish Society of Electromechanical Constructions S.E.C.E.M.  Estanislao de Urquijo y Ussia (then Marquis of Urquijo) was the first president and among his directors were some members of The Bank of Bilbao.

The new society chose Córdoba to install its factory due to its proximity to the mining resources at Riotinto (Huelva), and Peñarroya Central as an energy source and shareholder.  Its arrival meant the transformation of the cordovan industry which was focused on small companies dedicated to the agro-food and metal-mechanic sectors.

"Electromecanicas" was the core of the cordovan industrial structure and became the main company in the sector for copper transformation. It produced electrolytic copper, brasses, ferrosilicon, wire-drawings and machines.

In 1978 Ibérica del Cobre, S.A. (Ibercobre) took over the company's activities and in 1984 the continuous casting plant started production of wire rod.  Two decades later, in 2004, Cunext Copper Industries S.L. was born, a company with vocation, leader in the copper products market, which acquired the casting and drawing business through the purchase of the Continuous Casting and Wire-Drawings centers, modernizing all the Company's productive processes.

Over 100 years at the forefront of the copper and aluminum industry.

Ever since the founding of the Spanish Society of Electromechanical Constructions (SECEM) in 1917, Cunext has been focusing its efforts on the transformation of copper, with the inclusion of aluminum in 2015, geared to ensuring continuous growth and consolidation in the provision of solutions related to the transmission of energy, data and signals.

As such, the Cunext Group provides its products to the automotive, telecommunications, energy, railway and construction industries, among others.

Company data

P.O. Box 650
14005 Córdoba
Avda. de la Fábrica, s /n
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Phone: +34 957 499300-333
Fax: +34 957 499319
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