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Gamakabel AG, Gamakabel PLC

Started by Henrietta Eleanor RACE, May 15, 2022, 04:55:15 PM

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Henrietta Eleanor RACE

Gamakabel AG 

GAMAKABEL is one of the major Bulgarian cable and conductor manufacturers. It was established in 1975 on total area of 70 000 square meters in the North Industrial one of the town of Smolyan in South Bulgaria.

GAMAKABEL includes three production workshops, warehouses and auxiliary departments. The company applies all classic technologies for the production of electrical cables and wires. The production workshops are well equipped with modern machines from the world leading suppliers of cable industry machinery: HENRICH and NIEHOFF drawing machines, NIEHOFF and SAMP(Italy) stranding machines, Swiss extruders MAILLEFER as well as other extruders from Austria, Italy, twisting machines from SETIC, CORTINOVIS and others from Germany, US braiding machines WARDWELL nad SPIRKA(Germany). Other special equipment constructed and produced in Bulgaria is also in use.

During the second quarter of 2008 in GAMAKABEL started oxygen free copper rod manufacturing under UPCAST (Finland) technology.

The operation of modern equipment and the highly qualified staff of technical personnel employed guarantee the high quality of the production and have made GAMAKABEL famous both in Bulgaria and abroad.
GAMAKABEL has own Central Test Laboratory for quality ckeuing. The modern equipment to the laboratory makes possible the performing of a wide range of physical and chemical tests of the input materials and full control of the produced cables and wires.

The cables and wires produced are manufactured according to the following standards: HD, EN, IEC, DIN VDE, BS, ASTM, MIL, GOST, BDS. Special types of cables to the company standards are also produced. The company manufactured cables according to customer's specification as well.
GAMAKABEL maintains a wide standardization fund and is well provided with information, observing the publications and innovations in the field of equipment, technologies and materials in the cable industry.

The production of GAMAKABEL is well known in the markets of Germany, Russia, Belgium, France, United Arab Emirates, Greece, Finland, Austria and other Middle and Far East, African and Asian countries. The export to these countries represents 50 % of the total sales of the company.

In 1999 the company obtained a certificate for Quality Management System in accordance with EN ISO 9001 by TUV Rheinland.

Taking into consideration the new trends and the latest developments on the cable market and following strictly the increasing ecological requirements, the management and the staff of GAMAKABEL make great efforts to adapt its products to the highest quality and safety requirements using environment-friendly materials and developing new cable products.
The high quality of the products and service and customer satisfaction are the company's main concern and most important priority. This makes GAMAKABEL a reliable and desired producer and business partner for many customers.

GAMAKABEL PLC    GAMAKABEL PLC Office Sofia - export
1, Han Asparuh Str.    5, Dobri Voynikov Str.
4700 Smolyan City
   1164 Sofia City
Bulgaria Country    Bulgaria Country
Telephone: +(359 301) 62230    Telephone: +(359 2) 963 5366
Fax: +(359 301) 62353    Fax: +(359 2) 963 5376
E-mail: office@gamakabel.com    E-mail: office@gamakabel.bg
Sales department - internal sales     Production and development department
Telephone: +(359 301) 62273     Telephone: +(359 301) 67203
E-mail: sales@gamakabel.com     E-mail: pm@gamakabel.com
Head of technological department     Central test laboratory
Telephone: +(359 301) 67217     Telephone: +(359 301) 67201
E-mail: techno@gamakabel.com     E-mail: ctl@gamakabel.com

source: Gamakabel AG