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Marlew S. A.

Started by Eadwyn ECCLESTONE, October 11, 2014, 11:23:03 AM

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Marlew S. A.

Marlew S. A. is an Argentine company with over three decades' extensive experience manufacturing and trading a wide variety of electrical conductors for use in different industrial sectors.

Our commitment to meet customer needs is permanently reaffirmed as we work in conformity with ISO 9001:2008 quality control standards, and provide products internationally recognised through UL, CIDET, CSA, and TÜV RHEINLAND certification.

We adapt readily to suit market requirements by integrating technologies that increase our production capacity and allow us to offer quick and effective solutions.

In Argentina, we have business offices in Buenos Aires, Neuquén, Córdoba, and Tucumán, and our products are largely present in more than 15 countries around the globe.

Through our highly professional team of experts we bring quality electrical conductors to the world.


To be a benchmark for the electrical conductor market, a consolidated manufacturer both domestically and internationally, a company that is permanently committed to bringing quality and excellence to customers.


To manage our company efficiently; continuously prioritising technological advance, innovation and development; lying on the professionalism of our human capital; showing readiness to address present and future requirements of the market.


• Respect
• Commitment
• Team work
• Customer support
• Professionalism
• Orientación a resultados


We are a company with over three decades' experience designing, manufacturing and distributing electrical conductors for instrumentation, pyrometry, communications, control, and power related applications, as well as for several other uses, in accordance with national and international standards.

Marlew's Environmental Resources and Quality Management Policy is based on the following principles:

    To add quality and prestige to the products we make and the services we provide.
    This is how we work..

    To respond to market expectations promptly.
    This is how we excel.

    To build strategic links while preserving our company's values and people's integrity.
    This is how we forge bonds.

    To promote a rational use of natural resources and minimise environmental impact.
    This is how we preserve the environment.

    To comply with the legislation in place by conducting our activities on the basis of environmentally friendly actions and procedures.
    This is how we demonstrate social commitment..

This policy conforms to MARLEW S.A.'s purpose and shall be reconsidered when it no longer serves the principles of the Organisation.

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