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Materials Technology Limited
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Materials Technology Limited

Company Overview

Materials Technology Limited is an independent, privately owned, materials Rushington Courtconsultancy company. We have been in operation for 30 years and were originally formed in 1979 by our founder Derek Bates under the name of DRB Consulting. Shortly after, the name of the company then became DRB Materials Technology to reflect the wide scope of materials that the company was dealing with.

In 2006 the company acquired the operating interests of Bayworth Plastics & Rubber and took the opportunity to update the company name, logo and structure to become Materials Technology Ltd. In 2007 Materials Technology Ltd acquired a brand new purpose designed building to accommodate its expanding facilities and moved from its location in the New Forest (IRC house) to its new facilities located on the edge of Southampton (Rushington Business Park). The new facilities contain an on site laboratory for rapid turn around of work.

We serve a broad range of clients and industries and no task is too big or too small for us. From litigation work on individual cases to R&D programs for large multinationals. Approximately 70% of work is for UK based clients and 30% is for international clients. We also work closely with and have contracts with other laboratories and hence can offer a one stop facility. If we are unable to assist you we will do our best to find someone else who can.

Our overall aim is to provide you with cost effective, high quality solutions to your materials problems.

What Our Clients Say

What our clients say about our work is the best recommendation that we can provide. We have a large base of clients that have continued to use us over our 30 year history. Below you will find a selection of commendations from our clients. We are more than happy to provide you with a specific client reference before commencing any work for you.

"Thank you for the excellent work finding a current supplier of the original material with identical properties."

"Thank you for the report, I like the way you have carried out the investigation and the presentation."

"Many thanks for all your hard work for us on this project."

"Thank you very much for the copy of the draft report. I have just read through it, and have not found any errors. (I normally spot spelling errors!)"

"It looks a very thorough and comprehensive report, and I am very pleased with the outcome."

"Thank you for all your assistance with this investigation."

"Thank you for this detailed methodical report, I think it is impressive and demonstrates skill and patience with the dissassembly and logging."

"An excellent report - many thanks. "

Cable & Wire Consultancy

Materials Technology have extensive experience within the cable and wire industry. Our engineers have worked for multi national cable and wire companies in the area of compound formulation, compounding, extrusion and product development.

MV cableOur Engineers have in depth knowledge of a wide variety of products and materials used in this industry including low voltage products(LV), medium voltage products (MV), high voltage products (HV), Supertension Cables (ST), cable accessories and fire performance products (FP).

We have wide experience of the typical materials used within this industry including PVC, PE, low smoke and zero halogen types, rubber compounds including CPE, NBR, EPDM, EPR and engineering materials like Nylon, PBT, PEEK etc.

We have a wide range of experience of various compounding technologies including intermix, banbury, twin screw compounding and Buss Ko Kneaders. Our technology expertise also includes silane cross linking, electron beam processing, CV and CCV processing and high speed wire extrusion processes. We have contributed to the development of many cable standards over the years and our know how continues to be used by a variety of cable manufacturers and suppliers to the cable industry worldwide.

Some typical services that we offer in this area includes:

- Extrusion, Cable and cable compound training

- De-formulation and reverse engineering of samples

- Fault analysis of materials and products

- Contaminant analysis

- Recipe design and optimisation

- Product development & Design Review

- Custom compounds & Cost reduction

- Fire performance formulation and improvement

- General testing (including mechanical, ageing, UV, climatic, ozone & custom tests)

- Benchmarking and competitor analysis

- Process trouble shooting and optimisation

- Alternative sources and specifications

We can provide you with all of you cable technical needs. Your business can benefit directly form our years of experience. Call to discuss any requirements that you may have.

Our Engineers

Nick Kenworthy has over 20 years experience in the cable industry and was technical manager at Pirelli. He has developed many brand leading fire performance products and 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th generation low smoke zero halogen materials amongst many others.

Justin Bates also has several years experience working for Pirelli and additive suppliers to the cable industry.

Paul Gale is an experienced cable test & audit engineer.

Derek Bates provides ferrous and non ferrous metallurgical consultancy to the cable industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will my analysis take?

The leadtime for your work will depend on the exact nature of your problem and the amount of analysis required. In general we aim to have a written response to you within 10 working days. In urgent cases we can respond quicker but this will need to be discussed with us at the time of making the request.

How much will it cost?

It is not possible to give general costs as every analysis and customer requirements are slightly different. We will always provide you with a quotation for the required work before commencing any analysis. We often try to provide you with a step wise, systematic approach to any analysis so that you can control any costs and get the answers that you require with the minimum expenditure. We generally quote on a job basis rather than a daily basis but you can hire us by the day or half day if it suits your requirements.

Do you charge for initial consultations?

We dont charge for initial consultations and will always confirm any pricing in writing. If we need to travel to your site at your request we may need to charge for travel miles. Our current rates for this are Inland Revenue rates of £0.40/mile.

Can we see your facilities?

Customers are always welcome to inspect our facilities or drop by for discussions about their problems. If you have materials that you are unsure about then please bring them along and we can discuss any issues in detail.

Will I get an answer or just results that I dont understand?

We always try to provide you with a root cause, conclusions, solutions or recommendations regarding your problem. As a customer we realise that you want the solution rather than just the results. Many labs often provide complex analysis and results that mean nothing to their customers. Often they are not prepared to make a definitive suggestion. We know how frustrating this can be and will always try to give you a difinitive statement. We are used to standing up in court and standing by our opinions!

Can you conduct research work for me?

Yes we carry out a lot of research programmes for companies that either dont have the in house expertise or the time to conduct the work themselves. We act as an independent research group or we can collaborate with customers in house teams. We have worked for a number of large multi nationals to develop their new products, test their prototypes to destruction or select new materials at the design stage. Programmes of work can be small or large.

Do you do on site visits or inspections?

Yes. Formal visits or inspections are chargeable on the basis of the work required. We visit sites both in the UK and Internationally.

What's the best way to get samples to you?

Most clients will send samples by TNT or similar courier. However, in the case of dangerous materials it is the clients responsibility to insure that they comply with the relevant transport and packaging regulations. Ask us if you need advice. You are also welcome to drop samples in person. Equally we can take samples at your site as part of inspection work. Please note that very large or heavy samples need to be agreed first. We have a general limit of 450Kgs on most samples.

Will I get my samples back?

Failure analysis samples will generally be retained for a period of 3 months unless you specify otherwise or they are involved in a litigation case. At the end of this period we will scrap them. Most other samples are returned to you on completion of the work or for your own observation or testing.

Will my samples be destroyed in testing?

We use a combination of non destructive test methods (NDT) and destructive. We will normally tell you when you sample will be destroyed in testing. Most mechanical testing, metallographic preparation and SEM analysis will require destruction of your sample but failed regions can be retained. Let us know if you need to keep your product in tact.

Whats the difference between "Expert Witness" and "Single Joint Expert"?

An expert witness is usually employed by one party in a court case. Whilst they may be employed and paid for by the plaintiff or defendent their primary responsibility is to the court and the law.

A single joint expert can be employed by both parties to review the evidence and cast opinion for both parties. Once again their primary responsibility is to the court rather than any party. However, in this case the costs are divided equally among both parties. In the case of single joint expert all communication must go to both parties and be recieved by both parties at the same time. Individual discussions are not permitted.

Are there any materials that you dont deal with?

Generally we have expertise across the whole range of materials from metals and ceramics to plastics and rubbers. However, we are not capable of handling any radioactive materials, human biological specimens or highly toxic substances.

Do I get a report or test certificate on completion of my work?

Most of our work is backed by a full technical report. This is normally sent to you as a PDF document in draft format for your approval or any additions. Once you are happy with the report we will issue it as a final version. We do not send hard copies as standard as most clients do not require this. However, in court cases or police work signed hard copies will be provided upon request. Individual test certificates can also be supplied as part of specific test work.

How long do you hold my files for?

We generally hold most files for a minimum period of 5 years and can quickly access this information by your job reference number. After this period information is archived but can still be retrieved should the need arise.

Who owns the information in my report?

All information that we provide is copyrighted as Materials Technology Ltd until such time that your bill is paid in full. On settlement of the clients bill in full the ownership of the information rests with the client

Will you discuss my information with anyone else?

All of our clients information is confidential and will not be dicussed with third parties unless previously approved by the client. We are willing to sign confidentiality agreements or can supply you with a copy of our standard non disclosure agreements.


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