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Member of Elloumi Group, Coficab is a best-in-class leader in the manufacturing and sales of automotive electrical cables and wires.

The first plant was built in Tunisia (Tunis) in 1992 to supply the local demand.

Throughout the last 2 decades, Coficab expanded globally by constructing up to date production facilities in 1993 in Portugal (Guarda), 2001 in Morocco (Tangier), 2005 in Romania (Arad) and recently (2009) in Tunisia (Medjez El Bab).

The growth of the group had been driven by the undying concern to ensure to our partners outstanding services through performance in logistics, high quality products and innovation pipelines full of technological solutions and cost reduction programs.

Coficab has currently 5 manufacturing facilities in Tunisia (17 800 m² and 15 000 m²), Portugal (14 000 m²), Morocco (11 200 m²) and Romania (14 000 m²), 2 R&D center in Portugal and Tunisia.

In order to warrant efficient communication with its partners, Coficab had set 2 sales and technical assistance offices in Tunisia (Tunis) and Germany (Wuppertal).

Key Figures

Coficab is one of the major players in the field of automotive cable and wires where its share exceeds 13% worldwide and approximately 30% in Europe. The annual turnover is 550 million €.

Being the automotive cable leader in Europe and Top 3 in the world, Coficab is often the first partner for the Top 10 automotive wiring harnesses makers as well as the main OEM’s such Mercedes, Volkswagen, PSA, Renault, Fiat, BMW, Opel, Ford…etc.


As innovation is central to its success, Coficab has been always paying attention to the talents of the R&D team and the availability of the appropriate means to outperform in this very demanding market. All labs are well equipped with a wide variety of development and measurement tools.

The team is permanently challenged by our widening our product range, delivering customer approvals and seeking new ideas to respond to the market demands when it comes to high temperature cables, electrical and hybrid solutions, cost reduction ideas, environment compliances, weight reduction…etc.


Coficab is dedicated to quality values by continuously providing innovative solutions and high quality products.

Quality is a fundamental and key asset inside Coficab where the spirits of excellence and “zero-defect” are well shared and valued by all the staff. The off-record customer perception of our quality performance is a true witness of the robustness of our corporate quality policies.

This ultimate goal had been achieved thanks to sharing of a wise quality culture within the whole organization and to the implementation of efficient and effective Quality Management Systems in line with ISO/TS 16949, ISO 14001 standards as well as with the IMDS and REACH programs.


The environment care and protection are integral parts of our health, safety and corporate policies and are key elements of our growth. For Coficab, the environment is perceived as a huge and unquestionable responsibility.

In this regard, Coficab had committed itself to comply with the ISO 14001 standards, European directives, IMDS and REACH programs.

Coficab had succeeded throughout the many years to acquire an integrated quality and environment system or more precisely:

    Corporate ISO 9001 (2008 Edition)
    Corporate ISO/TS 16949
    Corporate ISO 14001
    ISO 17025 for R&D Center’s lab in Portugal

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