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Tatcable LLC
« on: November 16, 2014, 05:45:47 PM »

Tatcable LLC

Information about the plant

ATCABLE factory belongs to INVENT Group , which is a big manufacturing and engineering holding, its areas of business are cable production (TATCABLE), electrical engineering production (INVENT-Electro), heat insulated pipes (Tatteploizolyatsiya) and infrastructural construction (INVENT-Tekhnostroi).

TATCABLE factory is the biggest cable manufacturing company that was established in the last 40 years in Russian Federation. The factory is equipped with most modern machinery manufactured by world leading companies such as: Niehoff (Germany), Caballe (Spain), Rosendahl (Austria), Maillefer (Switzerland – Finland), SIF (Italy), Haefely (Switzerland) and Hipotronics (USA).

As for production output volume TATCABLE LLC is one of the biggest cable manufacturing plants in Russia, while in terms of production (energy cables up to 330kV inclusively), production costs and technology the plant stands alone in Russian Federation.

At the factory all processing operations are performed in one workshop with minimal transportation costs. This makes it possible to reduce the unit costs significantly. The unique production technologies that are applied at the factory provide the means of manufacturing products with high accuracy in accordance with given parameters, which helps to maintain stable characteristics of the cables while keeping reasonable material consumption.

Production technology of TATCABLE LLC makes it possible to manufacture:

•     High-voltage cables up to 330 kV inclusively (currently it is imported to the territory of the Russian Federation in the absence of domestic manufacturers);

•     Current-carrying conductors (aluminum or copper) with section up to 2500 mm2 ;

•     Long completed cable lengths (installation costs are reduced while cable line reliability is improved).

Quality management system of TATCABLE LLC is being certified according to ISO 9001-2008.

All products are manufactured in accordance with Russian and international standars such as GOST R and IEC. The availability of own laboratory as well as high-voltage testing in world-famous laboratories (certificates of these laboratories are generally acknowledged by world’s largest energy companies) guarantee the regularity of high quality.

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