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Top cross-linked polyethylene ( XLPE, PEX ) manufacturer in the world

AEI Compounds                                    
Falcone Chemical Specialties AG                
Sankhla Plolymers                                
Saco Polymers                                      
Energya Group                                     
Polylink Polymers                                 
SILON s.r.o.                                          
Hanwha Chemical                                
Kalpena Group                                     
Kanoo Group                                        
Hyundai EP                                           
3H VINACOM                                        
KLJ Group                                                        
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Re: Top cross-linked polyethylene ( XLPE, PEX ) manufacturer in the world
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Borealis is a leading provider of innovative solutions in the fields of polyolefins, base chemicals and fertilizers

With headquarters in Vienna, Austria, Borealis currently employs around 6,500 and operates in over 120 countries. It generated EUR 8.3 billion in sales revenue in 2014. The International Petroleum Investment Company (IPIC) of Abu Dhabi owns 64% of the company, with the remaining 36% owned by OMV, the leading energy group in the European growth belt. Borealis provides services and products to customers around the world in collaboration with Borouge, a joint venture with the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC).

Borealis and Borouge aim to proactively benefit society by taking on real societal challenges and offering real solutions. Both companies are committed to the principles of Responsible Care®, an initiative to improve safety performance within the chemical industry, and contribute to solve the world's water and sanitation challenges through product innovation and their Water for the World™ programme.


The polyolefins manufactured by Borealis form the basis of many plastics products which have become indispensable in daily life. Borealis works closely with its customers and industry partners to provide innovative and value-creating plastics solutions that make end products safer, lighter, more affordable and adaptable. The areas of application are broad and diverse. At Borealis, these application segments are called Engineering Applications, Energy & Infrastructure, and Advanced Packaging & Fibre. In addition in New Business Development, Borealis explores the future potential of novel polyolefin products and applications.

Energy & Infrastructure

Borealis is the leading provider of polyolefin compounds for the global wire and cable industry, delivering effective solutions that are widely applied in low, medium, high and extra-high voltage energy transmission and distribution cables, in data and communication cables as well as in building and automotive wires and cables. As a trusted and experienced partner to the pipe and fittings industry, Borealis supplies materials for advanced polyolefin pipe systems used in water and gas distribution, waste water and sewage disposal, irrigation, chemical and industrial pipelines, in-house plumbing and heating as well as pipe coating solutions for oil and gas exploration and transportation.

Engineering Applications

As a leading supplier of innovative polyolefin plastics for engineering applications in the automotive industry and for household appliances, Borealis delivers ideal replacement solutions for traditional materials such as metal and rubber. In vehicles, Borealis' leading-edge polyolefin plastics are used in a wide range of exterior, interior, and under-the-bonnet applications. These include bumpers, body panels, trims, dashboards, door cladding, climate control and cooling systems, air intake manifolds and battery cases.

Advanced polypropylene solutions are used to make household appliances like washing machines, refrigerators and air-conditioning units more robust yet lighter, more energy efficient yet visually appealing.

Advanced Packaging & Fibre

Thanks to their superior properties and excellent flexibility, Borealis polyolefins are the advanced packaging material of choice for applications in healthcare, such as medical pouches, bottles, overwraps, sachets and other medical devices, as well as in fibres, where advanced polyolefins are used to create non-woven technical fibres and other innovative products. Superior and proprietary Borealis technologies make advanced applications in both flexible and rigid packaging possible, from shrink film, geomembranes and frozen food packaging to caps and closures, bottles, thin wall packaging and transport packaging.

Base Chemicals

Borealis produces a wide range of base chemicals such as melamine, phenol, acetone, ethylene and propylene for use in numerous and diverse industries, as well as fertilizers and technical nitrogen products. Fully committed to international Base Chemicals activities as the solid foundation of its overall business, Borealis will continue to develop this profitable area with its unique feedstock capabilities, logistics and integration strengths. The redesign of the Borealis Base Chemicals business group into three separate units, Hydrocarbons & Energy, Fertilizers, and Melamine, took effect at the end of 2013.

Hydrocarbons & Energy

Borealis sources basic feedstocks such as naphtha, butane, propane and ethane from the oil and gas industry and converts these into ethylene and propylene through its olefin units. Steam crackers in Finland, Sweden and Abu Dhabi, the latter operated by Borouge, produce both ethylene and propylene, while propylene is also produced in a propane dehydrogenation plant in Kallo, Belgium. Feedstock and olefins required for Borealis' plants and those of its joint ventures are either sourced from its owners or joint venture partners, or purchased from the markets. A range of co-products from the steam cracking process, including pygas and butadiene, are also sold to international markets. Phenol, benzene and cumene as well as acetone are produced in Finland and are sold mainly to the adhesive, fibre, epoxy resin and polycarbonate industries in Northern Europe. In the Nordic and Baltic regions, Borealis is the leading producer of phenol, which is used in adhesives, construction materials, carpets, CDs, DVDs, mobile phones and household appliances. Acetone is commonly used in solvents for paints, acrylics, fibres and pharmaceuticals. Benzene and cumene are feedstocks for other chemical processes.


A number of megatrends are making the efficient and effective use of fertilizers more essential than ever. For one, the world population is expected to rise from today's 6.7 billion to over 9 billion by 2050, and an increasing number of people will live in densely-populated urban areas. And as incomes in emerging nations rise, more meat is consumed and thus more grain to feed livestock must be produced. Bio-fuels are also generating demand for increased yields. With limited space for expansion and heightened environmental awareness, low-carbon footprint fertilizers are becoming increasingly attractive in Europe.

As the leading fertilizer company in Central and Eastern Europe, Borealis is helping make farming more efficient in order to help feed more people and livestock. Borealis supplies over 5 million tonnes of fertilizers and technical nitrogen products each year via its Borealis L.A.T distribution network. Borealis L.A.T – formerly known as Linzer Agro Trade – has 50 warehouses across Europe and an inventory capacity of over 500 kilotonnes. Borealis L.A.T boasts a broad fertilizer portfolio, including "N" (nitrogen), "NP" (nitrogen-phosphorous) and "NPK" (nitrogenphosphorous-potassium) fertilizers, which are often referred to as "complete fertilizers," as well as technical products, from ammonia and ammonium nitrates to nitric acid and urea solutions.


As the second-largest producer of high-quality melamine in Europe, Borealis produces melamine at its plant in Linz, Austria and at Borealis facilities in Piesteritz, Germany. Melamine is converted from the raw material natural gas and has itself become an essential raw material for the global production of synthetic resins. Around 80% of Borealis melamine production is destined for the wood-based panel industry, for example for use as decorative surface coatings of wood-based materials. In the manufacture of everyday objects used in the kitchen or around the house, melamine also plays an important role, for example as one component used to make handles for pots and pans.


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Re: Top cross-linked polyethylene ( XLPE, PEX ) manufacturer in the world
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Our company

Asking more from chemistry for 150 years

Created in 1863, Solvay is a global company driven by proud and committed chemists. With our historical anchorage in Europe, our products serve diversified markets worldwide, from consumer goods to energy, with one main aim – to improve quality of life and customer performance.

The drive to achieve our aim has resulted in 90 percent of our revenue being generated from businesses that are among the top three global leaders in their field.

2014 Key figures


Solvay has been adapting to an ever-changing World for more than a Century and a half. It had to reinvent itself many times, always building on a strong heritage of social responsibility, technical excellence and a family character.

The company was born in 1863 out of a technological breakthrough, the ammonia-soda process set up by Ernest Solvay and a small circle of relatives including his brother Alfred.
After difficult years of technical uncertainties, Solvay embarked on a rapid international expansion, building plants in the whole industrialized world.

In 1900, 95% of the soda ash consumed in the World were produced using the Solvay process.
The Group survived both World Wars, thanks to its family shareholder base and jealously guarded manufacturing secrets. And by the early 1950s, Solvay diversified and resumed its global expansion.

The recent years witnessed other radical transformations, from the divestment of the pharmaceutical pillar to the acquisition of Rhodia and the creation of a new Solvay.

We have always operated by imposing on our minds a duty of continuous progress. Ernest Solvay
Discover in this section some highlights of our distinctive history, which we consider as a truly differentiating asset.


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Re: Top cross-linked polyethylene ( XLPE, PEX ) manufacturer in the world
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About Us
Focusing on our customers' future needs

We are proud to be one of the world's leading producers of organic peroxides, metal alkyls, organometallic specialties and polymer additives. We supply essential products used in the production of thermoplastic resins, and thermoset and elastomeric materials. In addition, we manufacture high purity metalorganics for the semiconductor industry.

We are constantly working to address our customers' future needs. In fact, at AkzoNobel it is About You. What do you need? What do you want to achieve? We believe the only way to grow is by developing sustainable, innovative solutions that benefit our customers.

Safety: Our top priority

We are recognized as a global leader in safety of organic peroxides and metalorganics. We always place safety as our top priority.


As a company of innovation we have a stream of new, high-value products to maintain our leadership. Much of our success is due to our philosophy of creating close partnerships with our customers. We look ahead and help our customers find sustainable answers to questions that they will face tomorrow.

A sustainable partner

Backed up by our commitment to Responsible Care®, Product Stewardship and REACH, we believe that supplying the right chemistry goes beyond just selling products. Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do.

Security of supply

We operate manufacturing sites all around the globe. Our global distribution network allows us to deliver our products to you anywhere in the world. That's how we ensure security of supply and easy access to quality products wherever you are.

How did we get where we are today?

We have a long history in the supply of specialty chemicals used in the polymer production and processing industry. For almost a century we have been constantly delivering technical and product innovation. For example, in the early 1920s we discovered the use of dibenzoyl peroxide for the bleaching of flour. More recently we’ve led the way with a new generation of thermoset accelerators marketed under the name of Armofog®.

Here are some more of the highlights over the years:

1920 *
British Chemist Sutherland (Noury & Van der Lande, Deventer, the Netherlands) discovers the use of dibenzoyl peroxide for the bleaching of flour. Named Novadelox®, the new bleaching agent marks the beginning of the manufacture and application of organic peroxides.

1934 *
Construction of AkzoNobel's own Novadelox manufacturing facilities in Coswig and Emmerich, Germany. Until then benzoyl peroxide was produced by third parties.

World’s first commercial production of fatty amines in McCook, Illinois - US. Operations start as Armour & Co.


    Construction of a carbon black manufacturing facility near Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Operations start as Ketjen Carbon, a joint venture of Ketjen and Carbot.
    World's first large-scale production of aluminum alkyls via Ziegler technology at our La Porte, TX - USA site. Operations start as Texas Alkyls, Inc., a joint venture of Hercules and Stauffer Chemical.

Construction of a state-of-the-art organic peroxide safety laboratory in Deventer, the Netherlands.

Ketjen merges with Koninklijk Zout to form Koninklijke Zout-Ketjen (KZK).

Major expansion of process safety research in Deventer, the Netherlands.

Noury & Van der Lande is taken over by Koninklijke-Zwanenberg Organon (KZO), which merges with Koninklijke Zout-Ketjen (KZK) in 1967 and two years later with Algemene Kunstzijde Unie (AKU) to form Akzo.

1966 *
AkzoNobel becomes the first commercial producer of boron and zinc alkyls.


    Formation of Kayaku Akzo Co. Ltd (KAC), a joint venture with Nippon Kayaku, a leading supplier of organic peroxides in Japan. Majority ownership is acquired in 2008.

    Construction of a new organic peroxide plant near Los Reyes, Mexico. Operations start as Hexaquimia. Name is formally changed to Akzo in 1990.

First supply of ultrapure trimethylgallium (TMGa) for use in the semiconductor industry. Facilities for high purity metalorganics in La Porte, TX - USA are expanded in 1987, 1993 and 2002.

Major expansion of our safety laboratory in Deventer, the Netherlands.

Construction of a grass roots manufacturing site for organic peroxides in Pasadena, TX - USA. Major expansions follow in 1975, 1980, 1994 and 2003.

World's first commercial production of hydrocarbon-soluble dialkylmagnesium compounds for use in the polyethylene manufacture.

Completion of a major expansion in Deventer, the Netherlands, to produce organic peroxides.

With the completion of a major expansion in La Porte, TX - USA, AkzoNobel becomes a worldwide leader in the production of magnesium alkyls.

Start-up of an aluminum alkyl plant in Paulinia, Brazil. Operations start as Alkyls Do Brazil Ltda., a joint venture of Hercules and Stauffer Chemical.

Construction of a new, modern organic peroxide plant in Itupeva, Brazil to replace operations in Campo Limpo - São Paulo.

AkzoNobel forms a joint venture (Centak Chemicals Ltd.) with B.K. Birla group for the production, marketing and distribution of organic peroxides in India.


    After the acquisitions of Stauffer Chemical's share in 1987 and Hercules' share in 1992, the names of Texas Alkyls, Inc. and Alkyls Do Brazil Ltda. are formally changed to Akzo.
    AkzoNobel acquires full ownership of Indian joint venture Centak Chemical Ltd. and changes the name to Akzo Nobel Chemicals (India) Limited.

Akzo and Nobel Industries merge to form AkzoNobel.

Construction of a major metal alkyl manufacturing facility near Rotterdam, the Netherlands.


    AkzoNobel opens its first organic peroxide manufacturing site in China. The plant is known as Tianjin Akzo Nobel Peroxides.
    Construction of a 55 m3 total containment tank for performing large-scale safety tests in Deventer, the Netherlands.


    Completion of a major expansion in La Porte, TX - USA to produce trimethylaluminum (TMAL).
    Opening of a smaller metal alkyls facility in Tianjin, China.


    AkzoNobel forms a worldwide joint venture with Taiwan's Coin Chemical Industrial for the production, marketing and distribution of dicumyl peroxide (DCP) and cumyl hydroperoxide (CHP).
    FDA approval is obtained for our Trigonox® 301, an innovative organic peroxide used for the controlled degradation of polypropylene. 
    Creation of AkzoNobel High Purity Metalorganics (HPMO) to better serve the semiconductor industry with our high purity metalorganics.

Construction of a methyl ethyl ketone peroxide plant by Keum Jung Akzo Nobel Peroxides, a joint venture with Korean Keum Jung, in Tianjin, China.


    Acquisition of CIRS S.p.A., an Italian company that produces a wide range of antifouling agents and suspending agents.
    Construction of a metal alkyls facility in Mahad, India.

German PVC producer Vinnolit announces use of AkzoNobel's revolutionary Continuous Initiator Dosing (CiD) technology to improve reactor output, PVC quality and operational safety.


    Commercial production of Perkalite®, a range of unique synthetic organoclays, in Greiz - Germany.
    Acquisition of Trigonox 101 and Perkadox PD equivalent product lines from Qiangsheng Chemicals Ltd China.

Major expansion of production capacity for trimethyl gallium (TMGa) in La Porte, TX - USA.

Introduction of Nouryact®, a new generation of Cobalt-free and low-Cobalt accelerators for the curing of thermoset resins.


Launch of Armofog®, an innovative range of antifog additives for use in food packaging and agricultural films. AkzoNoblel also offers unique high performance concentrates of Armofog as easy to use cost, effective solutions.


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Re: Top cross-linked polyethylene ( XLPE, PEX ) manufacturer in the world
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About Us

AEI Compounds is a customer focused, innovative, value-driven company, which develops, manufactures and supplies plastic compounds to customers worldwide.

We are a leader in the field of compounding technology principally supplying the wire and cable and pipe industries with thermoplastic and crosslinkable materials.   


AEI Compounds is a speciality plastics compounder which differentiates itself in the global market place by its ability to:
   -     Provide quality and value added products.

   -    Serve the needs of its customers through the excellence in its methods, systems, and technical expertise.


AEI compounds goal is to:
   -    Lead the industry through innovation to create new products and ideas with polymers for our expanding customer base using state-of-the-art development and manufacturing technology.
   -     Set the standard for service in our industry by continually exceeding our customers' expectations for product quality, delivery and customer support.
   -    Identify opportunities in the global speciality polymer compounding market and develop new business opportunities through strategic acquisitions and partnerships worldwide.

Company history

It all started in 1969 at AEI Cables with the installation of a converted rubber continuous vulcanization line, making AEI one of the first cable companies in the UK to manufacture steam cured crosslinked polyethylene cores.  It was in the same pioneering spirit, that, in 1973 AEI acquired a licence for a new method of chemically crosslinked polyethylene known as Sioplas.

By 1975 sufficient development work had been undertaken with Sioplas to give the confidence to start full scale production.  Two compounding units were installed in 1976; one for unfilled products and one for filled flame retardant and semi-conducting materials – one could say this was the real birth of AEI Compounds.

1977 saw the first full year of production with 300 tonnes being used internally and 138 tonnes sold to other cable companies in Europe.  The business went from strength to strength over the next few years with increasing amounts of compound being sold to external companies.  In 1983 the decison was made to separate from the cables manufacturing business to become a stand alone operation called AEI Compounds.

In 1997, both AEI Cables Ltd and AEI Compounds Ltd were purchased by TT Electronics PLC.

In 2007 AEI Cables was sold to Paramount Cables of India and we now have no connection to any cable company.  However, being allied to a cable manufacturing company in the past has meant that our products have been well tried and tested.

At the start of 2010 we moved our factory 80 km to our new location in Sandwich, Kent.  This move was accompanied by the installation of a new machine to produce halogen free cable compounds.  This extra capacity and the possibility to streamline production flows has enabled us to significantly improve our efficiency and flexibility.

In July 2011 AEI compounds was purchased by Saco Polymers, the leading company in the USA for the manufacture of compounds for wire, cable and water pipes. This has significantly strengthened our position, providing access to the North American market and exciting new technologies.
Today we are making 14,000 tonnes of compound per year; the customer base has broadened to include the heatshrink, pipe and injection moulding markets and our products are sold in over 30 countries worldwide.

Quality statement

AEI Compounds Limited has adopted and introduced a business management system that is based upon the EN ISO 9001:2008 business management model.

The management system has been designed to reflect our commitment to adopting and maintaining best practice within our industry and promoting continuous improvement throughout the organisation.

The management system has been developed such that it supported and monitored by a number of carefully selected, measurable critical success factors that ensure the company’s goals and key business objectives are continuing to be met and maintained.

Our management system forms a sound framework within which we have established the capability of readily and effectively identifying opportunities for improvement and growth through striving to identify value-added solutions and providing the means to ensure each of our valued customers remain fully satisfied with the service that they have requested, and that their needs and expectations have been fully and satisfactorily met.

Together, we are dedicated to assessing all aspects of our business with a view to identifying any opportunities that will enable us to improve and enhance our methods, operations, procedures and practices as and when they materialise, thus ensuring we have the capability of continuing to meet and surpass our commitment towards providing total customer satisfaction.


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Re: Top cross-linked polyethylene ( XLPE, PEX ) manufacturer in the world
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Welcome to Sankhla Polymers !
SANKHLA POLYMERS Pvt. Ltd, was established in 1999. Sankhla Polymers P Ltd, is one of the leading Indian manufacturer of PVC Compounds and Masterbatches with a high degree of specialization in the PVC Compounding Industry. Our research and development is one of the best in this segment of the industry and has state of the art infrastucture and facilities

The Sankhla Group of Companies is a professionally managed group and is owned solely by the Sankhla family. Since 1962, the Group has established its presence as the one stop
shop for plastic raw materials comprising PVC and Polyolefin Compounds, Masterbatches, Thermoplaastic Elastomers and HFFR Compounds..

The Sankhla Group is commited to manufacturing PVC and Polyolefin Compounds / Masterbatches as per national and international standards. It is our aim to provide total customer satisfaction in terms of price, quality, delivery and technical service. We strive to continuously upgrade process and product quality requirement. Ultimately, our goals is to satisfy the needs and demands of the user industry through our commitment towards total support and development.

The company is also contemplating on the products of tomorrow, details of which is available on request.

For, Sankhla Polymers P Ltd's, Quality is the bottom-line. The Quality process begins right at the begining and is followed till the end. Thus, raw materials, process check points, simulated compound performance, integrated control and finished products are continuously put through stringent tests to adhere to our high quality standars.


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Re: Top cross-linked polyethylene ( XLPE, PEX ) manufacturer in the world
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April 1998
Padanaplast USA Inc. was established as a joint venture between some private investors and Padanaplast S.p.A. of Italy

September 1998
Start of production of moisture cure cross-linked Polyethylene compounds (PEX) and masterbatches for the pipe industry

November 1999
First Pexidan W&C insulation compound to obtain UL 44 bulletinization - Pexidan X/T

November 1999
Start of production of moisture cure cross-linked Polyethylene compounds (XLPE), masterbatches and flame retardants for the wire and cable industry

December 1999
Padanapst S.p.A. is bought out and exits the company

June 2000
NWP, a related company, moves its location to the same site and shares management functions

March 2001
First PEX pipe compound supplier to meet NSF protocol P171 for Continuous Recirculation Applications - Pexidan L/T

September 2002
Commercialization of VW-1 rated, UL 44 insulation compound – Pexidan V/T

February 2003
Padanaplast obtains Certificate of Registration to ISO 9001:2000

October 2004
Commercialization of 2-layer, UV protected PEX 1006 compound - Pexidan L/T Eclipse

May 2005
Commercialization of appliance wire (AWM) rated I insulation compound – Pexidan H/T

May 2007
Macromeric Inc. is purchased from Eaton Industries and becomes a totally controlled subsidiary

December 2008
PEX 5006 compound listing by NSF - Pexidan L/T and L/T Eclipse

September 2009
Start production of zero halogen compounds for wire and cable industry

October 2009
PEX 5306 compound listing by NSF - Pexidan L/T Eclipse

December 2009
Padanaplast is certified to ISO 9001:2008

March 2010
Reflecting its increasingly diversified product range Padanaplast USA Inc. changes its name to saco Polymers Inc.

August 2011
AEI Compounds is acquired and becomes a subsidiary of saco Polymers Inc.


The greatest asset of saco Polymers is a well-educated, highly motivated workforce.

saco Polymers fosters this motivation by promoting from within and by providing a hands on management approach, which emphasizes teamwork responsibility and a sharing of ideas. Design reviews and product implementation teams encourage involvement by employees and visibly enhance their contribution to the success of the company.

Within saco Polymers we challenge and empower one another to promote a safe, efficient, and respectful working environment that ensures long-term stability and employment security, providing opportunities for life-long personal and professional development.

saco Polymers encourages employees to maximize their potential by providing 100% reimbursement of higher education pursuits with relevance to the individual's career in the company.

This dedication to employees sparks creativity and productivity which in turn have been the major catalyst for saco Polymers excellent growth since 1998.

saco Polymers understands the close correlation between progress in human relations and technological advancement. Plants are designed in such a way that workers operate in a modern, comfortable working environment.

Employees share in company profits through a bonus system.

The philosophy which guides saco Polymers encourages teamwork, innovation, technological advancement and personal growth. It is this motivating force which continues to satisfy our goal of being a manufacturing and technological world leader in our chosen market segments.


SACO Polymers Inc. is a specialty plastics compounder which differentiates itself in the global market place by its ability:

    To provide quality and value added products.
    To serve the needs of its customers through the excellence in its methods, systems, and technical expertise.
    To offer a rewarding, safe and environmentally friendly work place for its employees.
    To satisfy shareholders' expectations of worldwide growth.


    To be continually identifying opportunities in the global specialty polymer compounding market and developing new business opportunities through strategic acquisitions and partnerships world-wide.
    To be leading the industry through innovation and creating new products and ideas with polymers for our expanding customer base using state-of-the-art development and manufacturing technology.
    To be setting the standard for service in our industry by continually exceeding our customer's expectations for product quality, delivery, and customer support.
    To be challenging and empowering one another in a safe, efficient, and respectful working environment that ensures long term stability and employment security and providing opportunities for life-long personal and professional development.



saco Polymers values its employees, the communities in which it operates and the environment. To these ends it seeks:

    To care for the environment both inside and outside its plants.

    To be an involved good neighbor in the communities in which it operates.

    To offer a rewarding, safe and environmentally friendly workplace for its employees.


saco Polymers strongly believes that:

    Organizations become successful by building a winning culture and organizing a consensus around it.

    An organization that fails to be self critical is condemned to stagnation first and eventually to decline.

    An organization unable to plan its future, and, at the same time, to exploit opportunities, will not have a future.

    Success comes from being honest with customers, employees, each other, and most importantly with oneself.


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Re: Top cross-linked polyethylene ( XLPE, PEX ) manufacturer in the world
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Corporate Profile   

PolyOne Corporation (NYSE: POL) is a global leader offering a comprehensive array of specialized polymer materials, tailored services and end-to-end solutions.  We have:

    More than 10,000 customers globally
    More than 35,000 polymer solutions
    More than 80 manufacturing and distribution facilities
    Operations in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and Africa
    Corporate headquarters in northeast Ohio (U.S.A.)
    (2013) Annual revenues of $3.8 billion

We understand that, in today’s competitive, warp-speed global economy, your success depends on being first to market with innovative, value-creating materials and services.  That is why we manufacture many materials to help solve the demanding application and business needs of molders and processors.  For more information on our solutions, visit Products & Services.

Our solutions are the right choice for customers who want to achieve profit and growth with innovative products, enter new markets, expand globally and much more.  In this high-stakes environment, you can rely on us as your strategic partner – a partner whose notion of service goes well beyond merely supplying needs, to delivering better business solutions.  Our commitment to you as a PolyOne customer is a core principle, embedded in every dimension of our company.

Our Vision and Strategy 

PolyOne's Vision: To be the world’s premier provider of specialized polymer materials, services and solutions.  To fully realize this vision, we are executing a strategy with four core components:

    Specialization:  Drawing upon a deep knowledge of polymers, formulations and polymer processing, we provide you with the innovative solutions you need to compete and win.  Our value-creating offerings extend beyond materials to help customers who care about service, technology and problem solving.

    Globalization:  We are expanding in the same high-growth markets where you and your customers are migrating so that, no matter where you operate, we are well positioned to meet your needs.  Leveraging our broad geographic reach, we serve you with the consistency and reliability you demand from a true global partner.

    Commercial excellence:  To earn our standing as your trusted partner, we strive to know your organization as well as you know it.  Understanding what you value and driving end-to-end solutions, we help you satisfy your customers, compete more effectively and grow your business.  When you gain, we both win.

    Operational excellence:  By committing to a journey of continuous improvement in each aspect of our business, we help drive efficiency and profitable growth in yours.  Guided by the voice of the customer, we strive to reduce the complexity of your world, freeing you to turn your attention where it belongs: to your customers.

PolyOne’s customer-focused business units are distinguished by the breadth and depth of their materials, services and technologies.  Our businesses serve a diverse array of end markets and hold leading industry positions.  We share a commitment to delivering specialized, value-creating solutions and building long-term partnerships with customers.

Our Businesses   

   PolyOne Distribution
Critical link between resin suppliers and users, distributing more than 3,500 thermoplastic resins and compounds from approximately 20 major material suppliers.   
   PolyOne Geon Performance Materials
Proprietary and custom vinyl, and vinyl-based compounds and performance additives.   
   PolyOne Global Color and Additives
Color and additive concentrates, color and additive systems, single-component and multifunctional performance additives, and virtual color-matching technology.
   PolyOne Global Engineered Materials
High-performance polymer compounds utilizing a broad range of polyolefin, nylon, thermoplastic and thermoplastic elastomer resins - focused on challenging applications.
   PolyOne GLS Thermoplastic Elastomers
GLS offers the broadest range of soft touch TPE materials in the industry. GLS is now a PolyOne Company!
   PolyOne Producer Services
Contract compounding services for resin producers, processors and OEMs that help them meet the needs of their diverse industries.   
   PolyOne Specialty Coatings
Geon™ dispersion, blending, powder-coating and specialized suspension vinyl resins; vinyl plastisols and powders; and UK-based coated fabrics and additives distribution.
   PolyOne Wilflex Inks
Polyurethanes, screen-printing inks, additives, specialty colorants, latex and aqueous concentrates.   

Welcome to PolyOne Ethics Hotline

Conducting PolyOne's business with integrity takes the commitment of all PolyOne employees - to make business judgments and decisions according to PolyOne's values of integrity, honesty and respect. PolyOne's Ethics Committee has provided specific guidance about the company's values and ethical principles in the Code of Conduct. This document helps guide us in situations where it is not readily apparent what is "the right thing to do". It is a practical guide to help us make better decisions on issues or in situations that are unclear or complex. Each of us should be familiar with and internalize the principles in the Code of Conduct which can be referenced by clicking on the link above.

You may become aware of unethical or illegal activity or situations that violate our established ethical principles. If you do, we encourage you to report such activity or situations to management. It is important that your concerns get the appropriate attention and are addressed promptly. Normally, the best person to approach with your concerns is your supervisor or human resources representative. In certain situations, however, you may not feel comfortable reporting your concern in this manner and, in these cases, you should report your concern using this Hotline reporting system. Your report and the information you provide will be received in confidence and will be acted upon as promptly as possible.

Employees should know that PolyOne will not allow any retaliation for reports of suspected Code of Conduct violations made in good faith.

PolyOne also encourages customers, vendors and other stakeholders to report any perceived unethical or illegal activity using this Hotline reporting system.
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Re: Top cross-linked polyethylene ( XLPE, PEX ) manufacturer in the world
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About Us

Energya Group is a leading regional Manufacturer in the field of Electrical Industries and building materials . its main target is to consolidate and develop players in ‎the Industrial  sector as a mean to build a Regional Industrial Multi-Category Manufacturing & Service ‎Group.

Over the last  decades , Energya Group successfully managed to build an extremely  solid brand equity with elevated degree of quality and excellence in the field of cables, lighting and electrical components

Since the beginning of the millennium, Energya Group has participated in various landmark investment opportunities such as Cement, Food, Real Estate, Education and Financial Services and we intend to build on that foundation, making a lasting contribution to economic life and acting as a catalyst for sustained growth in emerging markets.

With more than 10,000 employees . our greatest asset is our people and our success is a direct result of their passion , expertise and dedication .

We are  always committed to excellence and innovation so that we can always succeed in exceeding our customers' expectations .


To dominantly  manufacture and supply the regional and international markets with  its requirements of high quality infrastructure  development products and services ensuring the utmost of customer satisfaction

To build a Regional Multi Category Industrial Manufacturing Group always committed to excellence & innovation

Corporate Values
Dedication for quality,customer's recognition and satisfaction , uncompromising integrity , investing in our people .

Chairman's Message

With an exceptional history spanning over 80 years, Energya has developed the insight and know-how needed to successfully operate in the Region . Today Energya proudly stands as a leading Regional Industrial Manufacturer in the field of electrical industries and building materials .
In a move to leverage 80 years of expertise and to expand our portfolio we ventured into  various landmark investment opportunities ; Looking at the future we are enthusiastic to gain further opportunities .

Immense perseverance and dedication by our first team is the back bone of building our success . We believe in  our ability to surpass our goals because simply nothing beats a dedicated team that works hard with excellence without ever compromising their ultimate goal.

Hesham El Sewedy

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Re: Top cross-linked polyethylene ( XLPE, PEX ) manufacturer in the world
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Polylink' s state-of-art manufacturing unit was established in 1993 under the entrepreneurship of
Mr. U.S. Bhartia to fulfill a long-standing need to produce quality polymer compounds that must meet a
growing demand for products needed to enrich a changing lifestyle.

Plant is located at Village Valthera, Taluka Dhokla, District Ahmedabad. The plant is about 55 km
from Ahmedabad on Dholka Bagodara Highway. The nearest industry is Kanco Overseas Limited,
Zenith Spinners Limited and Eureka Industries Limited.

U.S. Bhartia

Dear Customer,

It is with a sense of pride that I introduce to you Polylink Polymers India Limited (PPIL), the country's
latest and most advanced manufacturing facility of Polymeric Compound of Engineering Plastic and
Cross linked Polyethylene ( for Power Cables). As a pioneering venture, PPIL intends to meet the
long felt necessity of modern generation Silane Grafted Wire and Cable Insulation Compounds and
other Engineering Compounds (for Plastic Furniture and other plastics industry like Automobile.
Electrical etc). I am confident that PPIL would emerge as the country's leading Polymeric Compound
manufacturer, meeting high grade quality of international standards.

As a major source of foreign exchange saving, PPIL is dedicated to fulfill the aspiring needsof
consumers throughout the world, by providing solid technical support and supplying high precision
Polymeric Compounds due to which we are able to export more than 50% of our product.
Customer satisfaction is the central theme in our efforts to achieve excellence in all spheres of operation.

I welcome you to the exciting world of PPIL, to participate in our journey to new height of success,
crossing the boundaries to technical and financial competence.

With warm regards and best wishes.

U.S. Bhartia


Quality Policy :

The company is committed to comply with requirements and continually improve the effectiveness the
quality management system. Establish and review quality objective, involve employees at all level, to
achieve the total satisfaction of our customer.

Plant & Machinery

A great deal of foresight and planning impelled PPIL to procure top-of-the-line extruders from the most renowned manufactures in the world from U.K. and Germany with all the features of quality manufacturing of products.

The extruders are equipped with computerized automation systems from weighing, feeding, processing and monitoring up to the final stage of packing.
They are housed in pressurized rooms with controlled temperature and humidity to avoid any contamination, thereby increasing performance characteristics and storage life of the products.

The Details of Plant Machinery Equipments and Their Capacity is as UnderFrancis Show
3600 MT
Werner & Pfliderer
7000 MT
3000 MT
3000 MT
21400 MT


With the rapidly technological changing world of polymers, PPIL attaches prime importance to its R&D
and designed Laboratory with guidance of its collaborators, AEI Compounds of UK of which facilities
can compete with the best in the world.

It is equipped with compounding facilities extrusion systems to develop and investigate
compound characteristics in behavior to suit the production line.

The full testing facilities include DSC (Dielectric Scanning Calorimeters) and TGA (Thermo
Gravimetric Analyser) necessary to study the polymer and compound characteristics,
Bradender Plastograph, Betol Tape Extrusion Equipment and Micro Watcher System to determine
foreign matter inclusion, and a host of other sophisticated mechanical and electrical testing equipment.

Quality Control

At PPIL, Quality Management is in reality in everyday working. At each and every step of the
manufacturing process quality of product is monitored by testing with sophisticated required
testing equipments by uncompromising Laboratory technician.

PPIL maintains truly high standards of quality with the help of most modernized equipped laboratory.
A special think tank of senior executives from production, QC, R&D through customer interaction
regularly study and upgrade the standards to which PPIL's products must perform.


Power : The Company has provision of using 1000 KVA on demand from GEB. A 22 KV line
passes adjacent to the project site to tap power connection. D.G Sets of 825 KVA & 600 KVA are
also being installed by the company as a standby arrangement.

Water: 4500 Ltrs/day water required for machine circulation, chilling plant, drinking and sanitation
purposes is met by our own bore arrangement.

Manpower : The company is having about 115 employees on roll and above 100 handling labors.
The company is working on 3 shift basis. The employees are basically scientists, engineers
and professionals.

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Re: Top cross-linked polyethylene ( XLPE, PEX ) manufacturer in the world
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SILON s.r.o. - Quick facts

Facts & figures
Founding and legal status

    1950 as a producer of polyamide fibers
    Joint stock company registered on the Prague stock exchange from 1995 till 2005
    2005 conversion to SILON s.r.o. (limited liability company) and delisting from the stock exchange


    Mr. Bernhard Rustige
    Consil Verwaltungs-und Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH Düsseldorf)
    M&F Capital a.s. (Prague)


    Bernhard Rustige (CEO)
    Dr. Bernd Morawitz (CFO)
    Dr. Ronald Voigt (COO)


    approx.: 500 (Jan 1, 2014)


Plana nad Luznici / Czech Republic: Headquarters and production
Düsseldorf / Germany: Sales and customer service

    SILON International GmbH (Düsseldorf)
    Czech Industrial Park s.r.o. (Plana nad Luznici)
    Tesil Fibres s.r.o. (Plana nad Luznici)

Annual turnover:

    approx.: 135 Mio. €

Production capacity:

    Fibers: 38.500 tons
    Compounds: 55.000 tons

International certification:

    DIN EN ISO 9001
    DIN EN ISO 14001
    DIN EN ISO/TS 16949
    Öko-Tex Standard 100 class I


Today’ s business of SILON is based on more than six decades of history, starting with the production of polyamide filament yarn.    This first product, called SILON, was used for ladies nylon-stockings and has also gave the company its name.

“SILON started its activities in the 1950s and has constantly geared its business model towards innovation and clients. Nowadays, SILON serves its clients in Europe, Asia, Africa, North America and Australia.“

Year    Event
1950    Company founded as a polyamide filament yarn producer
1966    Starting of virgin PET – staple fiber production
1971    Extension of PET activities to non-woven production
1980    First investment into injection molding plant
1984    Extension of product portfolio to PP – compounds
1994    Start-up of reactive extrusion technology
2001    Concentration on compounding and PET fiber businesses. Other activities were sold in the following years
2001    Introduction of short-spinning technology – milestone in production of rPET – fibers
2004    Ending of polycondensation and concentration on postconsumer PET – flakes as raw material for fibers
2006    Transformation of SILON a.s. into SILON s.r.o., connected with delisting from the stock exchange
Up to now    Currentyl ongoing capacity expansion in the field of compounds and rPET - fibers


SILON places great emphasis on assurance of the high quality of our products. In compliance with the requirements of the    international ISO 9001 standard, SILON maintains and effectively improves its documented quality management system.

“We achieve quality through the concrete steps “

Compliance with the requirements of the automotive industry is attained through application of a quality management system complying with ISO/TS 16 949 standards.  Link to certification

The demands on suppliers

To assure quality standards all suppliers must fulfil our certification requirements and maintain the high quality of the quality management system.

Laboratory testing quality

Our laboratories are equipped with the most modern machinery and observe the quality of input raw materials, intermediate products and final products 24 hours a day without interruption.The effectiveness of inspection activities is constantly improved so that it provides our customers with the certainty that our products are manufactured to the highest quality.
Quality Policy

The quality management system focuses on meeting the requirements of our customers and pursues the goals set in compliance with these requirements.The quality management system is designed so that opportunities for improvement and growth are identified on time and measures to increase process and product performance are implemented. We seek clever and simple solutions, complying with the requirements of the market and our customers’ requirements, for development purposes. Link to quality policy

SILON, as a leading polymer processor, is committed to establishing a friendly and responsible approach to the environment. In 2000, the company introduced an Environmental Management System in compliance with ISO 14000 standards.

Company development activities are focused towards advanced and energy-saving technologies for recycled materials processing. Our product, TESIL® polyester fiber, complies with the requirements of Öko-Tex Certificate standards and is designed for hygienic applications and products for young children.

We are ready to share our experience with our customers and provide them with innovative and environmentally-friendly solutions, making every effort to minimize the impact of our business activities on the environment.

Social Responsibility

SILON directs its activities towards long-term goals, it endeavours to adhere to all the principles of sustainable development of the company, places emphasis on transparency in decision-making,   adherence to ethical standards and environmental protection. The company is also chiefly interested in improving conditions for life and relations in the surrounding area and region.

“Social responsibility is a part of the SILON Company’s corporate culture“

SILON is inherently linked to the towns of Planá nad Lužnicí and Sezimovo Ústí and the nearby area and is a major economic subject within the region. Over 500 people are employed in SILON facilities and another 1,000 people work in twenty companies conducting their business activities within our complex. We also contribute funds in support of our region. Our current priority is social responsibility, being close at hand and helping, where long-term help, reliability and partnership are important.
Social sphere
We are a partner of the KAŇKA organisation for children and young people with mental and combined disabilities

The SILON Company has supported the organisation and handicapped children in the long-term and persistently strives to permanently improve their difficult situation, for example by purchasing rehabilitation equipment, barrier-free doors with a motion sensor, providing support during modernisation of new therapeutic workshops……

The Kaňka Centre is a non-governmental not-for-profit organisation providing daylong care for children with disabilities from birth. The Kaňka Centre is the only facility in the surrounding area providing social services, education and a comprehensive therapeutic programme under one roof. It provides education to handicapped children in its nursery school, elementary school and special elementary school, as well as social services from early care and a day centre, to personal assistance. It also offers seven possible therapeutic programmes, hobby classes and curative stays for children during their free time. All this in a family environment, with highly qualified staff, modern equipment, a personal approach and willingness to help. It also strives to integrate disabled children with healthy children within the terms of joint activities.                                 

Kiwanis Doll

The SILON Company joined the “Kiwanis Doll” project before 2005 and is a long-term partner of the Kiwanis Klub Ostrava Civic Association and Distrikt Kiwanis International CZ and SR. It contributes approx. 1 ton of polyester staple for stuffing the fabric dolls to the club every year.

Kiwanis is a not-for-profit organisation focusing on actively helping children. The priority of the “Kiwanis Doll” project is to help lonely and ill children in children’s wards at hospitals. The young patient receives a white fabric doll on arriving in hospital, which he is able to colour and name. This doll accompanies the child as a friend and helps him throughout his hospital stay. It is also an important tool during communication between doctors and the child. The doctor is able to explain and demonstrate what examinations will be necessary to the young patient using the doll. This helps the child tolerate the treatment he needs because he knows what to expect and how it will take place.

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Re: Top cross-linked polyethylene ( XLPE, PEX ) manufacturer in the world
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We are preparing for a more prosperous future.

Enriching lives with future-oriented state-of-the-art technologies,Hanwha Chemical

Since its establishment in 1965, Hanwha Chemical has been continuously endeavoring to create innovation in building technological power and economies of scale up to global standards from basic industrial materials including PVC, PE and CA to new business areas, such as solar energy, biopharmaceuticals, secondary battery materials and nanotechnology.

Based on continuous R&D and keen insight into the industry, Hanwha Chemical will prepare for a brighter and a more enriched future for upcoming generations.

Creating an affluent future by developing cutting-edge technologies, the Hanwha Chemical R&D Center has committed itself to leading Korea’s chemical industry since its founding almost three decades ago. The R&D Center, which focuses on developing eco-friendly and value-added products in the existing PO and chemical businesses, is also actively seeking out and researching future growth engines, such as solar energy,  opharmaceuticals, ESS, nanotechnology and functional materials. The Hanwha Chemical R&D Center will continue to work hard toward realizing its dream of becoming a global leader through technological development based on its drive to challenge ambitious goals.

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Re: Top cross-linked polyethylene ( XLPE, PEX ) manufacturer in the world
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Kalpena Group

Few Words About Kalpena Group

Kalpena Industries Limited is part of a dynamic industrial house of Surana's.In last 3 decades it has attained the status of most respected Polymer Compounder in India.During these 3 decades we have moved from Producer of commodity Compounds like PVC Compounds to high performance compounds like Medium Voltage Insulation and Semi Conducting grades.

Under the dynamic and able leadership of its promoters the company has moved from annual capacity of 3000 tons to a level of 150000 tons plus.This could be achieved due to investment in Modern Equipments & World Class R&D set up under the supervision of highly competent and enabled personnel's in every field  be it Manufacturing,Marketing or R&D.Continuous improvements and focus on new product developments along with use of most modern quality tools have ensured that company keep pace with ever growing quality requirements of the customers as well as industry in general.

Kalpena have always focused in expanding its reach by servicing new geographic's as well as developing new products continuously. Regular and consistent exports to almost 24 countries of various products is testimony of our capabilities.Our customer's retention is our prime objective and we have always worked hard to device tools to satisfy our customers apart from offering unparalleled quality.This combination of good product quality and superior services have allowed us to penetrate markets across the globe and help us to retain and expand our customer base in the times of intensified competition.

As in the past we have never settled with our past laurels and have tried to improve our performance with every passing month, quarter & year.Even today we are moving ahead with same vigor to maintain the high growth rate.Company have already taken up major expansion plan to increase the capacity of existing products like PVC Compounds,XLPE,Semi Conducting and Filled Master Batches.Company is also working on launch of new products.The products in pipeline are cross Linkable varity of Halogen Free Flame Retardant,Strippable Semicon for cable industry, the engineering plastic products for automobile and appliance industries.We are also working on the product areas meant for alternative source of energy like Solar Energy etc.

We are quite confident that with the resources available with us and with our overall capabilities  we will continue to not only meet but exceed the expectations of our customers,shareholders and business associates.

The Pillars

Today, under the dynamic stewardship of Mr. Narrindra Suranna,  Chairman & M.D. the group has culminated to attain a status of largest manufacture of polymer compounds in India with an installed capacity of PVC compounds 30,000 MT, Silane based compound 40,000 MT, XLPE compound 12,000 MT, PE & PP filled compound 36,000 MT, Semicon compound 6,000 MT for strippable and non-strippable applications. In additional to above, KIL is manufacturing speciality compounds and master Batches each 6,000 MT per annum. The quality of all products conforms to national & international standards.

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Re: Top cross-linked polyethylene ( XLPE, PEX ) manufacturer in the world
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About Us

The Yusuf Bin Ahmed Kanoo Group of Companies is one of the largest independent, family owned company in the Gulf region. Established in Bahrain in 1890 by Haji Yusuf Bin Ahmed Kanoo , it has grown from its early trading and shipping business to become one of the most diversified and highly regarded business houses in the Gulf region and beyond. The Yusuf Bin Ahmed Kanoo operates extensively in the GCC countries since the early 1960's. The Yusuf Bin Ahmed Kanoo Group of Companies is greatly respected for the ability to combine traditional values with a global vision and has always been linked to the progress and development of the entire region.


Haji Yusuf Bin Ahmed Kanoo took over the small family business in 1890 in Bahrain and established one of the most successful and trusted family businesses in the region today. The Kanoo family expanded its business in the early 1930s to Saudi Arabia and in the early 1960s to Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah. In due time and particularly during the height of the oil boom, the Kanoo family business grew from its early trading and shipping business to become one of the most diversified and highly regarded business houses in the Gulf region and beyond.

The traditional values that underlined the Kanoo family and the guidance of the late Ahmed Ali Kanoo had a great role in involving The Yusuf Bin Ahmed Kanoo group of Companies in the business and social fabric of the Kingom of Bahrain.


Haji Yusuf was the first local Arab shipping and travel agent competing with long established British companies at the beginnings of the twentieth century and managed to steer the family business through two World Wars and several economic depressions successfully and smoothly.

The Kanoo name and corporate signature are among the most recognized names and symbols in the Gulf region. With over a century invested in the brand values and continued delivery against customers and principals needs and expectations the Kanoo name has become a byword for trust, reliability and quality.

Mission, Vision & Values

 Yusuf Bin Ahmed Kanoo is a Gulf based multinational Group of companies with over 120 years of entrepreneurial experience. Yusuf Bin Ahmed Kanoo provides a diverse range of quality products and services to the highest international standards across selected growth markets.

    Our Mission

        Investment in technology
        Investment in our people
        Investment in national development
        Providing a high level of quality support to our divisions and joint-ventures
        Systematic review of our business activities to enable rapid adaptations to market forces

    Our Vision

    Proud of yesterday
    Committed to today
    Confident of Tomorrow
    Yusuf Bin Ahmed Kanoo your entry to the world of success


For over 120 years the Kanoo Family has always been associated with the progress and development of the entire region. The Kanoo Legend is a multi-generation history of energy, productiveness, success and above all the shared satisfaction of making a difference in the world through philanthropy.

The pursuit of quality and excellence in business has been a key factor in the success, growth and stability of Yusuf Bin Ahmed Kanoo of Companies of companies for over a century. The values that underlined the Kanoo family members’ lifestyle, attitudes and aspirations have had a great influence in their corporate policies and goals.

Throughout Kanoo’s history of growth and diversification emphasis has focused upon retaining traditional business values which remain at the center of their relationships with customers and partners. Together with a global vision that adopts advanced business efficiency and management models.

Management Team

 KANOO is a Gulf based multinational Group of companies with over 120 years of entrepreneurial experience. KANOO provides a diverse range of quality products and services to the highest international standards across selected growth markets. We will achieve our mission by: Investment In technology Investment in our people Investment in national development Providing a high level of quality support to our principals Systematic review of our business activities to enable rapid adaptations to market forces.

    Group Management
    Group General Manager
    Company Secretary
    Group Management Service Manager
    K. K. MENON
    Group Information Technology Manager
    General Manager, Group Finance
    Group Insurance Manager
    Group Internal Audit Manager
    Group Business Development Manager

Senior Management

Chief Executive Officer, Commercial Group
Executive General Manager, SHIPPING
Executive General Manager, MACHINERY
Executive General Manager, TRAVEL
Executive General Manager, PROPERTIES
General Manager, OIL & GAS
General Manager, P & IP
General Manager, JOINT VENTURES
Chief Executive Officer, Saudi Arabia
Chief Executive Officer, UAE & Oman
Area Manager, Bahrain

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Re: Top cross-linked polyethylene ( XLPE, PEX ) manufacturer in the world
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