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AEI Compounds Limited
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AEI Compounds Limited

About Us

AEI Compounds is a customer focused, innovative, value-driven company, which develops, manufactures and supplies plastic compounds to customers worldwide.

We are a leader in the field of compounding technology principally supplying the wire and cable and pipe industries with thermoplastic and crosslinkable materials.   

AEI Compounds is a speciality plastics compounder which differentiates itself in the global market place by its ability to:
   -     Provide quality and value added products.

   Serve the needs of its customers through the excellence in its methods, systems, and technical expertise.

AEI compounds goal is to:
   -    Lead the industry through innovation to create new products and ideas with polymers for our expanding customer base using state-of-the-art development and manufacturing technology.
   -     Set the standard for service in our industry by continually exceeding our customers' expectations for product quality, delivery and customer support.
   -    Identify opportunities in the global speciality polymer compounding market and develop new business opportunities through strategic acquisitions and partnerships worldwide.

Company history

It all started in 1969 at AEI Cables with the installation of a converted rubber continuous vulcanization line, making AEI one of the first cable companies in the UK to manufacture steam cured crosslinked polyethylene cores.  It was in the same pioneering spirit, that, in 1973 AEI acquired a licence for a new method of chemically crosslinked polyethylene known as Sioplas.

By 1975 sufficient development work had been undertaken with Sioplas to give the confidence to start full scale production.  Two compounding units were installed in 1976; one for unfilled products and one for filled flame retardant and semi-conducting materials – one could say this was the real birth of AEI Compounds.

1977 saw the first full year of production with 300 tonnes being used internally and 138 tonnes sold to other cable companies in Europe.  The business went from strength to strength over the next few years with increasing amounts of compound being sold to external companies.  In 1983 the decison was made to separate from the cables manufacturing business to become a stand alone operation called AEI Compounds.

In 1997, both AEI Cables Ltd and AEI Compounds Ltd were purchased by TT Electronics PLC.

In 2007 AEI Cables was sold to Paramount Cables of India and we now have no connection to any cable company.  However, being allied to a cable manufacturing company in the past has meant that our products have been well tried and tested.

At the start of 2010 we moved our factory 80 km to our new location in Sandwich, Kent.  This move was accompanied by the installation of a new machine to produce halogen free cable compounds.  This extra capacity and the possibility to streamline production flows has enabled us to significantly improve our efficiency and flexibility.

In July 2011 AEI compounds was purchased by Saco Polymers, the leading company in the USA for the manufacture of compounds for wire, cable and water pipes. This has significantly strengthened our position, providing access to the North American market and exciting new technologies.
Today we are making 14,000 tonnes of compound per year; the customer base has broadened to include the heatshrink, pipe and injection moulding markets and our products are sold in over 30 countries worldwide.


AEI Compounds values its employees, the communities in which it operates and the environment. To these ends it seeks:
   -    To care for the environment both inside and outside its plants.
   -    To be an involved good neighbour in the communities in which it operates.
   -    To offer a rewarding, safe and environmentally friendly workplace for its employees.

AEI Compounds strongly believes that:
  -    Organizations become successful by building a winning culture and organizing a consensus around it.  -
   An organization that fails to be self critical is condemned to stagnation first and eventually to decline.
  -    An organization unable to plan its future and, at the same time, to exploit opportunities, will not have a future.
  -    Success comes from being honest with customers, employees, each other, and most importantly, with oneself.

Health and safety

The welfare and well being of our staff and the protection of the environment is paramount to AEI Compounds.  During the past few years we have increased our resources with dedicated personnel and improved training to meet the ever increasing challenges.

We have adopted a proactive stance to Health, Safety and the Environment (HS and E) and are involving all personnel by inviting them to report potential hazards, incidents and near misses for corrective actions and controls to be put in place.  The number of near miss and incident reports has quadrupled during the past 3 years and we have realised a respective reduction in accidents by 70%.

There have been many other initiatives that have taken place all conforming to, or exceeding legislation requirements.  Our COSHH control is very good with new materials and chemicals being keenly vetted before being introduced.

Each year a time based action plan is developed detailing the main areas to be tackled and through the monthly Management process this plan is very tightly monitored.

HS and E is led from the top at AEI Compounds with the Managing Director chairing the process.  Our holding company Saco Polymers also play a very active role and regular two way communication assists in the development of new initiatives.

We continue to maintain registration to BS OHSAS 18001:2007, the internationally recognized standard for occupational health and safety management systems.

OHSAS 18001 is designed to be compatible with our ISO 9001 system to enable the effective managment of our health and safety obligations.

However, the quest for improvements never ends and nor do we expect it to.  One accident is one accident too many. With the involvement of all personnel we are confident that the improvement path set will be followed.

Quality statement

AEI Compounds Limited has adopted and introduced a business management system that is based upon the EN ISO 9001:2008 business management model.

The management system has been designed to reflect our commitment to adopting and maintaining best practice within our industry and promoting continuous improvement throughout the organisation.

The management system has been developed such that it supported and monitored by a number of carefully selected, measurable critical success factors that ensure the company’s goals and key business objectives are continuing to be met and maintained.

Our management system forms a sound framework within which we have established the capability of readily and effectively identifying opportunities for improvement and growth through striving to identify value-added solutions and providing the means to ensure each of our valued customers remain fully satisfied with the service that they have requested, and that their needs and expectations have been fully and satisfactorily met.

Together, we are dedicated to assessing all aspects of our business with a view to identifying any opportunities that will enable us to improve and enhance our methods, operations, procedures and practices as and when they materialise, thus ensuring we have the capability of continuing to meet and surpass our commitment towards providing total customer satisfaction.


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