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TMC Co., Ltd
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TMC Co., Ltd

We are a world-leading enterprise in the areas of marine cables, offshore plants, and optical cables.
For the past twenty years, we at TMC have been striving to provide our clients with world-class products and services.
Since our founding in 1991, TMC has successfully conducted numerous projects in 23 countries worldwide in the areas of marine cables, offshore plants, and optical cables. We have also been recognized on the global scene for our top-class quality and price competitiveness.

Especially in the area of marine cables, TMC was able to successfully complete the Agbami FPSO in 2006. At that time, it was the world's largest single FPSO project to date. With continuous successes, TMC has secured the trust of our clients. As a world leader in the cable industry, we at TMC have a leading position in technology and production. We are securing top competitiveness by pioneering new markets in China and Brazil.

Management Philosophy
Through creative thinking and a tireless spirit, we at TMC are working to create a new future and thereby realize the dreams of human society.

        1 Customer satisfaction
An enterprise that places its core values in its customers
     2 Employee satisfaction
Pride in being part of world-class enterprise / Provide better benefits and values
     3 Social contributions
Pursue a stakeholder-based management approach that is sustainable and fulfills its social responsibilities through transparent corporate governance and responsible management


 “TMC is a world-leading enterprise in the areas of marine cables, optical cables, and offshore plants.
We are a manufacturing enterprise for energy and information transmission products that not only strive to satisfy our clients’ current needs all over the globe but also lead future demand. At TMC, we try our best to ensure top client experiences. By actualizing our vision slogan to provide the best technology and usability, we will take yet one more step towards our clients.”
Today, the ship has changed from being a simple mode of transportation to being responsible for approximately 70% of the world cargo volume. It therefore has great influence on our lives. With this change in the shipping industry, the significance of the marine cable industry has also changed drastically. TMC is a leading enterprise with world-class production capacity and quality. We promise to continuously improve our competitive edge through ongoing innovation.

In the In the optical cable and offshore plant market - another growth engine for TMC - we have formed partnerships with major enterprises around the world and have secured the No. 1 market share. By establishing global management systems and continuously striving for quality improvement, TMC has achieved qualitative growth in the areas of products, services, and brand power.

Through the stable operation of production/sales/service hubs that already have a history of successful management both in Korea and abroad, we are able to quickly meet the needs of clients in the global market. Our management philosophy is to put our clients first in all our management activities. Based on this philosophy, we will improve the brand value and technological prowess of TMC and thereby improve the overall value of TMC.

Additionally, we will not let our current successes in the marine cable, optical cable, and offshore plant industry get to our heads prevent us from further development. We will not settle for the status quo but we will pioneer future markets especially in the areas of alternative energy and submarine cables. We will become a market-leading company that creates new client demand.

At TMC, we will strive to form a company that fulfills our vision slogan - “World's First Energy/Information Transmission Product Manufacturing Company”. To fulfill our vision, we will continue to develop new paradigms and action philosophies and strive to provide our clients with more possibilities and value.


2013. 10    Designated as 'Korean Hidden Champion' by Korea Eximbank
2012. 04
2012. 06
2012. 12    Designated as 'Good-to-work Company in Our region' by Ministry of Knowledgy Economy
Completion of TMC R&D Institute
Awarded 200 million USD export plaque
2011. 04
2011. 11
2011. 12    Obtained KEPIC certification
Received appreciation plaque from the Swedish company, Stena Sphere
Completion of 2nd Factory, Ipjang

Quality Management System

Acquired certification from prominent ship's classifications worldwide
The marine cables and offshore plant cables that we produce at TMC require both high stability and reliability because they are used in a special environment the ocean.

In regard to the special environment in which the equipment is employed, TMC has acquired certifications from prominent ship's classifications worldwide including certification from the prestigious Lloyd's Register Group, based in U.K. The certifications confirm the following capabilities for our cables: long durability, fire resistance, oil resistance, excess moisture tolerance, chemical resistance, flame resistance, and capacity to maintain performance in spite of all types of accidents.
Our clients’ safety - our foremost priority
Not only do we satisfy the many stringent regulations as set forth by exporting countries worldwide, we also have outstanding scores on the various inspections conducted by authoritative classifications societies all over the world. Therefore, we have acquired the highest standards of certifications everywhere we go.

From the initial development stage of our cables, we conduct a prediction of all possible accidents. Then, we employ the predictions in accident analysis to achieve efficient safety performance levels. Through our predictions and analysis, we simulate accident environments and cable conditions on the computer so our cables are being developed to achieve the best safety with the highest performance specifications.

The cables that are developed through computer analysis are then inspected for performance through in-house and external inspections. Thus, we are developing high-performance cables with cutting-edge safety technology.

The safety technology has been verified under testing that simulates various accidents that can actually occur during normal operation.
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