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LS Cable & System LTD
« on: August 21, 2013, 11:42:58 AM »

LS Cable & System LTD

LS Cable & System, a total solution provider of electric power and telecommunication industries!

In the human body, nerves and blood vessels stretch as much as 100,000km connecting organs and tissues.
They supply the vital oxygen and nutrients needed to ensure the proper functioning of each organ.
And so it is with cables as they deliver the vital energy and information that society depends upon for daily life.

Founded in 1962, LS Cable & System has been contributing to power and communications network implementation not only in Korea, but also throughout the world and secured a foundation for industrial development by supplying a wide range of industrial specialty cables.

Born anew as a global leading company by first taking over Superior Essex, the largest cable maker in North America, in 2008, and then acquiring HongQi Electricity (now LS HongQi Cable & System) in China in 2009,
LS Cable & System is now a global top-tier company in the international cable industry with around 100 local subsidiaries, production plants and sales offices in 26 countries.

As an ideal partner advancing with its customers, LS Cable & System is preparing for a new growth phase by building up its competencies to innovate business models, develop eco-friendly products and solidify partnerships with its stakeholders.

     Capital                       USD 7,5 billion       
     Sales ('12)                 USD 3,8 billion (Consolidated: USD 7,4 billion)       
     Employees                 9,170       
     Subsidiaries               18 companies       
     Business Areas         Energy, Telecommunication

LS Cable&System proclaimed its vision to be "Your No.1 Creative Partner" and commenced a new era on Sept. 1st, 2004.

Being "Your No.1 Creative Partner" means that LS Cable&System will meet your unique set of requirements with the best service in an innovative method that no one can imitate. This will allow customers to fulfill their dreams through partnership.

The new vision of LS Cable&System represents its resolution to achieve the challenging and future-oriented goal of becoming a first class company for its customers by adapting to the current business environment.
To fulfill this vision, LS Cable&System deemed 'Integrity','Openness', 'Logical Reasoning', 'Consistent Innovation' and 'Fairness' as its most basic and important values and has selected these to constitute the core value of LS Cable&System. Based on these core values, LS Cable&System will ensure Market Intelligence, Technology, and Creative Implementation, which are its main capabilities

LS Cable&System provides the best solution through "3S(Smart, Synergy, Speed)" and is making efforts to create core technologies and technical advantages.

Based on 3S, LS Cable&System aims at the best R&D in the world by optimizing each features of R&D, Engineering, and Business Development and by establishing an excellent harmony among them.


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