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Kyung An Cable Co., LTD
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Kyung An Cable Co., LTD

CEO Message

Doing our best for customer's value creation and showing our future vision to all employee are our philosophy.
Kyung An Cable will continue to deliver the technological innovation and to create the high value with our creative sense of challenge under this rapid changing globalization and the flood of advanced technologies.

Thank you for visiting our website, and I look forward to your abiding interest and everlasting support.
Chairman Myung Il KIM

Our History


02.    Completion of Siem Reap – Chi Kreng Distribution Line in Cambodia
   (Total 100km, for 40,000 households)
05.    Acquired Environment al Certificate (10 items including 0.6/1kV HF-CO)
05.    Participated in FED localize building materials exhibition 2013 in SETEC

04.    KEPCO Qualified Supplier
09.    Groundbreaking for Siem Reap – Chi Kreng Distribution Line in Cambodia
12.    Final Presentation for Cambodia Prek Liang Ⅰ∙Ⅱ Hydroelectric Power Project
12.    Honored with 20 Million Dollar Export Tower (49th Trade Day)

01.    Acquired Electric Product Safety Certificate
02.    Patent of shuttle equipment for unmanned aerial vehicle launcher
04.    Acquired Electric Product Safety Certificate
04.    Patent of Tank Miles System
11.    Acquired KS Certificate (KSC(IEC)60502-1, KSC3341)
11.    Designated as a Defense Industry Business
11.    Completed EDC Distribution Network Construction
   (Sep. 2007~Nov. 2011, six cities, Supply electricity for 11 million households)

01.    Acquired System Certificate ISO9001:2008
   (Cable, Target, Miles, Torpedo Parts, Underwater Signal Sensor)(SAI GLOBAL)
02.    Patent of Target Measurement System
03.    Participated Feira Internacional del Aire y del Espacio 2010
07.    Acquired KEPIC certificate
09.    Awarded Bronze Tower

05.    Participated in AEROEXPO Marrakech 2009 in Morocc
05.    Registered Software business (Public Software service)
06.    Completed Production Automation System
06.    Acquired KEPCO Qualified Supplier
09.    Cable approval for broadcasting communications: Radio wave research institute (Coaxial Cable 5C-HFBT)
10.    Participated in ADEX 2009(Korea Air Show)   
10.    Supported Guided Missile Target System for Live fire exercise (Army Headquarters)
10.    Acquired ISO 14001:2004 System (Cable : Power, Telecommunication, Vehicle, Control)
10.    Acquired certificate of Japan PSE Mark (IV, VVF)
11.    Honored with 10 Million Export Tower
12.    Acquired certificate of Japan PSE Mark (CV)

08.    Completed localization of Unmanned Aerial Target Vehicle
09.    Won the contract of EDC Distribution Network Project
09.    Official sponsors to Cambodia National Football Team
10.    Participated Libya International Aviation Exposition 2008 (RAT-1)
12.    Designated as Venture Business Company
12.    Acquired KS certificate (KSC(IEC)60227-3)

03.    Development of Heater Cable for 76mm warship
05.    Awarded the Presidential Citation
05.    Acquired Electric Product Safety Certificate (66 Items)
05.    Developed Eco-Friendly cables
06.    Acquired UL certificate (Medium-voltage power cable / MV-90, MV-105)
11.    Expand factory for high voltage cable line

04.    Grand Opening of Phnom Penh Factory (Cambodia)
06.    Acquired IEC Standards of KSC Certificate (total 4 items including 6/10KV CV)

04.    Acquired Electric Product Safety Certificate (28 Items)
04.    Uility Model of Ordance Analysis Program (PDMC)
07.    Acquired Electric Product Safety Certificate (142 Items)
08.    Awarded As This Month Engineer (Minister of Science Technology)
09.    Acquired Electric Product Safety Certificate (123 Items)
11.    Acquired UL certificate (Service-entrance cables / USE, USE-2)

01.    Awarded by the Minister of National Defense (A, B Spool Research and Development)
05.    Designated as Industrial Material Manufacturing Business
11.    Iron Making Factory Expansion
12.    Acquired UL certificate (Thermoplastic-Insulated Wire / THW, THWN, THHN)

01.    Awarded a Citation from Ministry of National Defense for TDK localized production
03.    Patent of control system for gunnery excise
05.    Development of A,B-spool for wire guided heavy torpedo (SUT)
11.    Participated Korea Air show Defense Exhibition 2003
12.    Acquired Electricity safety certificate

03.    Patent of controller for mobile phone
03.    Acquired safety certificate for electric products
05.    Development of Sonar Underwater Sound (SUS MK84 MOD1)
10.    Development of A-CABLE for wire guided Heavy Torpedo (SUT)
11.    Development of Underwater Communication censor (Transducer)(TSE-4)
11.    Development of aerial gunnery target system for F-16 (KTDK-39)
11.    Awarded the army commander’s letter of appreciation (Shooting Training Equipment
   for Tank/Crew served weapon)
12.    Signed the Technical Innovation Business Agreement
   (The Small and Medium Business Administration)

01.    Accepted KEPCO Qualified Supplier
02.    Acquired CE-Mark (No. AN213709701)
03.    Development of sensor cables for Intrusion Security Systems
06.    Selected as “Promising Small and Medium Sized Company in Gyeonggi Province”
06.    Development of MDI transmitter (antiaircraft missile analyzer)
11.    Selected as INNO-BIZ(Innovation-Business) Company by the Small and Medium Business Administration
11.    Awarded a Presidential Citatio
12.    Agreement of the consortium agreement (industry-academic cooperation)

03.    Development Agreement for Small and Medium Business Company’s Technical Innovation
10.    Patent on Laser Shooting Training System
11.    Acquired KS Mark on KSC 3611
12.    Development of Sonar Sensor(Hydrophon) for submarine

02.    Formal approval of electric products
02.    Recognized as military purveyance company
02.    Recognized as company annex research institute
02.    Selected as Export-Support company
03.    Awarded by Minister of Commerce, Industry and Energy
04.    Selected as promising company for export
05.    Awarded by the Administrator of Small and Medium Business Administration
11.    Acquired T-Mark for Japan electric products
12.    Selected as Outstanding Technical Enterprise

01.    Registered at Procurement Agency in the Ministry of National Defense
01.    Awarded the ISO 9002:1994 system certificate (Power, telecom, automobile, control cable)(IQNet)
04.    Joined the International Trade Fair Exhibition in Vietnam
08.    Certificate of Elevator Parts Manufacturing Enterprise
12.    Investment agreement with Korea Development Bank

02.    Acquired KS mark
03.    Joined Korean Trade Association
03.    Joined the Korean Electric Wire Industry Federation
05.    Received the supply permit from the Ministry of the Procurement
06.    Accepted as supply authority for the Korea Electric Power Corporation
06.    Selected as “Promising Small and Medium Sized Company”
09.    Power cable factory expansion
10.    Established an international branch in Cambodia
12.    Accepted as supply authority for Korean Telecommunication Corporation
12.    Honored with 1 Million Export Tower

06.    Registered 1st classification Electric products manufacturer (registration no : 3-1-91)
08.    Acquired the formal approval for electric products (33 kinds)

06.    Founded Kyung An Cable Co., Ltd.


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