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Demirer Kablo San. ve Tic. A.Ş.
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Demirer Kablo San. ve Tic. A.Ş.


Demirer Kablo is among the world’s leading manufacturers in the the high and extra high voltage energy cables industry. Manufacturing telecommunication cables, signalling cables and cable accessories besides energy cables up to 500 kV and providing laying, jointing, terminating, testing, supervision and commissioning services, Demirer Kablo is a global turnkey project contractor.

Satisfying the growing demand of energy, in today’s world, is one of the main prerequisities for industrial growth and thus rise in living standards. Demirer Kablo, with the cable systems it manufactured, creates value in the energy transmission area and contributes to satisfaction of this demand.

Demirer Kablo is committed to being the pioneering company of the world in its sector. Continuing its operations in this direction, Demirer Kablo puts human and environment to the first place along with customer satisfaction and carries out its research and development activities in order to manufacture energy cables providing more efficient, more reliable and more clean energy transmission.

We are aware that our success depends on the confidence of our customers in us and our ability to continously satisfy their changing and challenging needs. Alongside the products and services we provide with the highest quality and most competitive prices; always listening to them and providing them fast, creative and innovative solutions whenever they are in need, we are committed to satisfying our customers, exceeding their expectations.

In every region we operate in the world, we take pride in contributing to local societies. Being aware of our responsibility towards human and environment, we always give priority to occupational health and safety and environmental consciousness, we preserve our high ethical values, we abide by applicable laws, rules and regulations and we respect local and national culltures.

Demirer Kablo, working with most competent professionals, considers its highly skilled workforce as one of its most important values, and with continous training, ensures their adaptation to improving technology and changing conditions. Our diversity, responsibility, open communication, trust and kindness oriented culture guides all of our 277 employees and hundreds of business partners who are all experts in their field.

State of the art manufacturing facility of Demirer Kablo, having an outdoor area of 200.000 m2 and closed area of 40.000 m2, is founded in 1982. It consists of a cable factory and an accessories factory, manufacturing cables and accessories up to 500 kV. Three high technology CDCC lines and a test laboratory are in operation in the cable factory.

Demirer Kablo’s annual production capacity can reach 40.000 tonnes of cables depending on the type of product. As of 01.01.2013, Demirer Kablo manufactured and delivered more than 7.400 kilometres of HV/EHV cables. Cable systems of Demirer Kablo are certified through type and prequalification Tests by KEMA, CESI, Georgia Power and similar international institutions.

In addition to the 400kV cable systems supplied for the local market, Demirer Kablo has completed High Voltage and Extra High Voltage projects in over 60 countries, from India to United States and from Saudi Arabia to Iceland with complete customer satisfaction.

In addition to the 400kV cable systems supplied for the local market, Demirer Kablo has completed High Voltage and Extra High Voltage projects in over 60 countries, from India to United States and from Saudi Arabia to Iceland with complete customer satisfaction.

Relying on our flexibility in the face of change, our farseeing strategy and the excellence of our products and services, we look to the future in complete confidence. We believe that our inspiration and excitement on creating value and ambition to serve our customers better at every occasion, will ensure our sustainable development.

Manufacturing Process

Cable manufacturing process in Demirer Kablo includes wire drawing, stranding, insulating, degassing, screening, lead sheathing if required, outer sheathing and testing.

Wire drawing is the thinning process of copper and aluminium wires. A certain number of wires with a certain diameter are required to form the conductor and in order to obtain these wires, standard conductor rods are drawn.

First, the conductor rod is fitted at the entry of the die unit. Then, by means of eleven disks turning with a constant angular velocity, dies placed in front of every disk and propulsion from a single engine within the machine, the wire is thinned down to the required diameter. The disks wind the wire by drawing it, force it through the neighboring die and move it to the next disk. Drawing process ends with the last disk, but the wire coming out is not suitable for direct use as it has become harder after stretching and thinning during the process.

The annealing unit on the line is used to soften the wire again, making it suitable for cable production process. This unit consists of two conductive pulleys having an electrical potential. The wire passing through them forms a short circuit. Joule effect increases the wire temperature up to approximately 400 °C. The temperature is affected by rotational speed of pulleys, ambient temperature and applied voltage. The voltage is controlled by adjusting the line speed in order not to anneal the wire excessively. After it is cooled down, annealed wire is wound on a spool at take-up.


Demirer is the brand name for power cable systems. Low, medium, high and extra high voltage cable systems from 1 kV up to 500 kV are manufactured and turnkey cable projects are handled with cable laying, installation, testing and commissioning services.

Kavel, taking its name from one of Turkey’s oldest cable manufacturers, now is the brand name for telecommunication cables including metallic, fiber and pilot cables as well as customized special cables.

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