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Iran located in southwestern Asia is the 18th largest land mass country in the world. Officially known as the Islamic Republic of Iran, the country is also often referred to as Persia. As of 2012, the country boasts a population of over 78 million people. Home to one of the world's oldest civilizations, Elamite kingdom that once existed in Iran's borders dates back to 2800 BC.

5 Facts You Might Not Know

Iran has a diverse climate. It boasts arid or semiarid regions. Along the Caspian see the country has a subtropical climate. The terrain features rugged mountains, deserts and plans. In the north are forests with towering trees.
The endangered Asiatic cheetah makes its home in Iran. often referred to as the Iranian cheetah, only 70 to 100 animals exist. Currently poaching and habitat degradation pose the most serious threat the population. The Asiatic cheetahs of Iran are comprised of two subspecies A. j. soemmeringii in the continent's north and A. j. jubatus in its south, which makes reintroduction of captive bred cheetahs from other countries impossible.
Tehran, the largest city in Iran, boasts a population of over 7 million people. Mashhad is the second largest city with a population of over 2 million. The country's population is predominately Muslim. Shui being the most dominate.
Iran started its nuclear program in the 1950s. As of publication, the country is the seventh to produce uranium hexafluoride. Through the years, Iran has spent time building its military forces and space program. They launched their first satellite in 2006 and a space rocket in 2007. It became the ninth country to have the capability to build and launch both a satellite and a rocket.
The country ranks second in the world for natural gas reserves and third for its oil reserves. Iran also has natural reserves of lead, sulfur, coal, chromium, copper, iron ore, manganese and zinc.

The capital of Iran is Tehran. Flag of Iran

Iran belongs to the Asian continent

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