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Heavy duty cables – H07BB-F
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Heavy duty cables – H07BB-F

6.2   Heavy duty cables – H07BB-F
6.2.1  Construction  Conductor
The conductor shall be class 5, according to EN 60228.  Sizes of cable

The sizes of cable shall be:

-      Single core – 1,5 mm2 to 630 mm2;

-      2 core – 1,0 mm2 to 25 mm2;

-      3, 4 and 5 core – 1,0 mm2 to 300 mm2.  Insulation
The  insulation  shall  be  a  cross-linked  elastomeric  compound,  Type  EI 6  to  EN  50363-1,
applied around each conductor.

Where the insulation is covered with a tape, it shall be applied in such a manner that it can be
removed without damage to the insulation.  Assembly

The cores of cables having two to five cores shall be twisted together.

NOTE 1  A centre filler may be used.
NOTE 2  A tape may be applied around the core assembly before application of the sheath.  Sheath

The cores shall be covered with a sheath.
a)   For cables with a specified sheath thickness up to and including 2,4 mm:

1)   sheath  in  a  single  layer,  cross-linked  elastomeric  compound  of  type EM 6  to EN
b)   For cables with a specified sheath thickness greater than 2,4 mm:

1)  sheath either in a single layer, cross-linked elastomeric compound of type EM 6 to EN
2)   or in two layers, with both layers made of cross-linked elastomeric compound of type EM 6 to
EN 50363-2-1.

The sheath applied in a single layer or the inner layer of the sheath in two layers shall, for
cables with two to five cores, fill the spaces between the cores. Where a tape of suitable material
is applied around the core assembly (see NOTE 2 to this requirement shall not apply,
provided that the finished cables shall not have any substantial cavity in the outer interstices
between the cores.

The colour of sheath is not specified.

NOTE If black is used, the requirement in EN 50363-2-1 for EM 6 to have a minimum level of carbon
black will apply.  Marking
The cable shall be marked with the CENELEC code H07BB-F. The marking shall comply with Clause 6 of
EN 50525-1.
6.2.2  Requirements

Each cable shall comply with the appropriate requirements given in EN 50525-1, and the particular
requirements of this Part.

Testing shall be in accordance with Table A.2, column 7.

NOTE  For non-electrical tests on sheaths in two layers see EN 50525-1,, c).

The dimensions of the cables shall conform to Table B.2 for the relevant size.
The requirements to be met for the compatibility test shall be as given in Table C.2.

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Re: Heavy duty cables – H07BB-F
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