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List of major shipyard in the world
« on: December 25, 2012, 11:03:06 AM »

Yiu Lian Dockyards Ltd. (Hong Kong).

As a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Merchants Industry Holdings Co., Ltd., Yiu Lian Dockyards (She Kou) Ltd., founded in 1989, focuses on repair and conversion of various ships and offshore, as well as steel work.
Admitted by State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, China Merchants has achieved rapid growth and fulfilled five-year plan in advance. Keeping in touch with the solid step of the Group, Yiu Lian Dockyards (She Kou) Ltd., continually focuses on expansion and stresses restructuring, asset optimization and management upgrading. With rich experience and high-quality team work, Yiu Lian Dockyards (She Kou) Ltd., has successfully completed repair of all sorts of vessels and rigs at home and abroad, which enhances good reputation of Yiu Lian for its profession.
In respect of management, Yiu Lian Dockyards (She Kou) Ltd., is certified to conform to Quality Management System Standard ISO9002, ISO9001:2000, and OHSMS respectively in October 1997, April 2003 and February 2007, which are the best proof of our safety management.
Holding the principal of skillful workmanship, exquisite technique and high efficiency, with strong backup from the Group and China Merchants Industry Holdings Co., Ltd., Yiu Lian Dockyards (She Kou) Ltd. endeavors to continuously expand business scope and improve the quality of our ship repair service to meet the needs of a further step. Rising to one of the top ten ship-repair yards in China, our yard has been highly praised and trusted by our customers, as well as awarded by the Government for many times.
With the development of marine industry, in 2004 the Group invested RMB 2.4billion in upgrading Yiu Lian Dockyards (She Kou) Ltd. overall on a Mazhou Island that has been put into production in 2007..

Covering a total area of 700,000m2 in the Pearl River delta, the company operates along the coastline of 3,400m berths plus two VLCC drydocks with capacities of 300,000dwt and over 300,000dwt respectively and two original floating docks which can handle vessels of 70,000dwt and 30,000dwt respectively. Based upon a full range of equipments and dynamic manpower, our yard has accumulated sufficient experiences and technological knowledge in steel work, coating and painting, machinery maintenance, oil tanks’ conversion and offshore repair and conversion. All staff of Yiu Lian Dockyards (She Kou) Ltd. would exert ourselves to provide sincere services to customers.


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Re: List of major shipyard in the world
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Adriatic Shipyard Bijela JSC (Serbia & Montenegro),



The development path of the Shipyard started on 1927 owing to reputable and hardworking people from Bijela, by founding of shipbuilding workshop on the cape Pijavica. In the first year of work “Pijavica” was employing 10 and in the next 1928, 11 workers. The Shipyard was covering the area of 1000 square meters. In this “square” as people from Bijela used to call it, the repair of wooden ships was carried out, fishing vessels and sailing boats were built. Till 1940, in the Shipyard there were built 30 new vessels and repaired far more than 100 sailing ships and 12 steamboats.

At the end of August 1944, occupation forces mined the convoy of former Yugoslav navy that was in the close vicinity of the Shipyard along the main quayside in the whole length. The only undamaged area was a part of former wharf but upon liberation of our area, works on repair of smaller vessels have started, needed for navigation within the bay. At the beginning of 1946, under initiative of survived workers, the Shipyard “Pijavica” renewed its activities.
1951 - 1955

In 1955 the industrial circle was extended into cape hinterlands and than the name “Bokeljska pobuna” (Rebellion of Boka) was changed in Shipyard “Bijela”. Since than capacities have been extended, new machines and plants were purchased, leaving slowly the building of wooden vessels that used to be the backbone of production orientation from its beginnings. The building of steel vessels for commercial purposes in the Bay of Bokakotorska has started.

Till the end of 1959 several new steel vessels were made, passenger – cargo vessels. The following phase was marked by construction of the first floating dock with lifting capacity of 10.000 tons. The construction of the same was lasting from 1960 to 1968 and it was the first newly made object of that kind in Yugoslavia. Own workforce carried the construction along with fitting of the whole equipment in a quality manner. Working on such challenging task, workers of the Shipyard have confirmed their high competency and have proved that are capable to perform the most complicated work tasks.
1969 - 1976

A decade of development from 1969 to 1979 is characterized by greater orientation towards repair of vessels. Domestic and international ship owners have been consigning more and more their vessels for repair to “Bijela”. In development plans of municipal authorities in these years the Shipyard had priority position and within maritime economy and development plans of Montenegro it took up a stance among activities of common interest for development of the Republic.

Facilities of the Shipyard became too tight and thus a decision was made to enlarge repair capacities by purchase of new dock. The Contract on construction of the dock was concluded with renowned German company GHH with construction term of 14 months. The dock was finished within record term and the same was put into operation at the beginning of 1976. It was the biggest floating dock in former Yugoslavia, with a lifting capacity of 33000 tons, having a value of 44 millions of German Marks. In the same year ended a construction of wharfage, in the length of two times 300 meters with portal crane of 25 tons and 36 new machines were put in function with employment of 900 workers.

It was Sunday, 15th April 1979, 07:19:50 CET. A destroying earthquake befell Montenegro. The Shipyard suffered great material damage whilst it was destroyed or sunk in the sea more than 80% of its functionally linked facilities.

Reconstruction of the Shipyard completed in 1985, the building was carried out in accordance with requirements of sensitive seismic areas, using the method in accordance with the latest technological recommendations. In addition to recovery from the earthquake, the next stage of Shipyard’s development is characterized by full commitment towards ship repair.

After quite successful period and good business results, difficulties occurred again in 1992 by introducing UN sanctions to FR of Yugoslavia. Upon suspension of sanctions in 1995, the Shipyard started to work but than under new name Adriatic Shipyard Bijela. With new management team, aggressive marketing onset, competitive prices and quality, the Shipyard has succeeded to push its way in the world market.
Nowadays ...

Adriatic Shipyard Bijela is nowadays a modern business system operating successfully, owing to clearly set business targets, permanent incentive to creativity and care on high work quality, well chosen orientation, work program and long-term human resource policy.


The vision of our company is to become leader in repair and reconstruction of ships in the Mediterranean, through total quality, customer satisfaction, employees, shareholders and population of this region.


The mission of our company is providing ship repair services, in order to satisfy needs of shipping companies for high-quality, fast and professional repair and reconstruction of ships.

Using modern methods of doing business and organizing a safe and high quality repairs we provide profit, growth, and growth in standard of employees and make positive influence on improvement of ship repair, maritime business and overall prosperity.

Business Policy

Business policy is a strategy for achieving business goals and consists of:

    Quality Policy,
    Risk Management Policy,
    Safety Policy on Protection.

Business Goals

Shipyard's business goals set for the implementation of defined vision and mission:

    Stability of business operations,
    Customer satisfaction,
    Customization on changes,
    Stability of cash flows.

The strategy for achieving these goals:

    Revitalization of technical facilities,
    Optimization of number of employees,
    Cost effectiveness,
    Rising of business reputation - solvency of the company.


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Re: List of major shipyard in the world
« Reply #2 on: December 25, 2012, 11:14:46 AM »

Bezzina Ship Repair Yard Ltd.

Bezzina Ship Repair Yard Ltd is a complete Ship and Yacht repair and refit facility. Established in 1842 as John Bezzina & Sons, specialising in minor repairs to coal carriers, barges and fishing craft, the company was acquired by the Bezzina Group in 1987.

Repairs can be carried out on steel, aluminium, GRP and wooden yachts, even outside harbour or afloat, with a guarantee of first class service and personal attention.

The shipyard is duly represented by Del Mar Marine Corporation since August, 2005.

Please contact us for your inquires to Bezzina Ship Repair Yard Ltd.

Location of the Shipyard

Bezzina Ship Repair Yard Ltd is located in Marsa, Malta

Floating Docks, Slipways, Quays and Cranes

The Yard operates three floating docks accommodating vessels up to 130 m, backed by fully equipped workshops and 130 m berthing and bunkering facility with mobile cranes up to 200 tons capacity. The main yard facilities are as follows:

- Floating docks up to 8,500 tons (lengths up to 151m, widths up to 29m)

- Mobile cranes and lifts up to 200 tons

- Mobile travel lifts up to 30 tons.

- Floating cranes up to 100 tons lifting capacity.

- Slipways (Length 23m, beam 7.5 m, depth 3m)

- 140m quay deep water complete with all related services up to 8m draft.

Local and overseas projects

- Fabrication of a submarine used in the filming of "U-571"

- Repairs aboard various yachts, such as 'Romantica', 'Destiny', 'Barracuda',' Blue Leopard', 'Inqadz 1', Moonmaiden II', etc.

- Complete refurbishment and overhaul of 60m luxury yacht 'Ocean Liberty'.

- Complete refurbishment of Fishing Boats for Libyan Companies.

- Complete refurbishment of dredging fleet consisting of cutter suction dredgers, hopper barges, tug boats, multi cat pontoons, etc.


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Re: List of major shipyard in the world
« Reply #3 on: December 25, 2012, 11:17:29 AM »

 About Us

Since 1928, Kwong Soon has maintained its capabilities and reputation in providing both marine and offshore services covering a wide spectrum of repairs encompassing heavy structural constructions, conversions and outfitting projects. The operations is located at a 1.4 hectare waterfront land fully equipped with crawler cranes, workshop facilities and -5m water depth wharf in carrying out both afloat alongside and at in-port anchorage attendance. Kwong Soon has gained worldwide recognition for Quality Service through its various global agencies and own network of specialist companies & overseas offices. We strive to be "The Preferred Service Network" with You in mind.

Nature of Business
     * Ship Repair Services.
* Afloat services alongside own repair wharf with -5m water depth @ zero tide.
* In-Port & Anchorage Repair Service, Riding Squads for Voyage Repairs.
* Marine & Offshore Structural Fabrication.
* Heavy structural construction in modular designs up 400 tons.
* Offshore Support Vessel Rig-Out & Out-Fitting, Conversion & Retrofit Projects.
* Vessel Structural, Steel & Pipe Works, including hull & deck plating repairs
* Deck Machinery Repairs.
* Air-Conditioning, Ventilation & Refrigeration Systems Turnkey Solutions, Repairs & Renewal.
* Automation services in both marine & offshore discipline.
* Turbocharger Overhaul Service & Spare Parts Stockist.
* Agencies & Stockist for oil & gas products.


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Re: List of major shipyard in the world
« Reply #4 on: December 25, 2012, 11:20:53 AM »


General Information:

Founded in the 19th century and established as a company in 1977, Torgem shipyard has continued to remain at the forefront of modern ship construction in Turkey. Torgem gained remarkable experience and upgraded it's technology in ship building between 1977-1982 which was a period of rapid growth and development for the Turkish shipbulding industry .With this industrial base, the Shipyard was transferred from Golden Horn to Tuzla bay in 1983.
Torgem Shipyard constructed and delivered 88 new bulding projects to shipowners. The 87th project (20.000 DWT dry cargo container vessel M/V EYLUL K) is the biggest vessel ever constructed and delivered by a private shipyard in Turkey.
Over the years TORGEM Shipyard has gained enough experience and completely upgraded it s techology to handle with new buildings of all types of vessels including repairs,conversions,annual surveys, machinery, overhauls, steel work, renewals and all kinds of mega-yacht building. Including the last vessel under construction ,a total number of 88 vessels have been built by TORGEM Shipyard resulting a tonnage of 400.000DWT


Torgem Shipyard is located at Private Shipyard Area in Tuzla province of İstanbul., 5 min drive from beltway and 10 min drive from the airport.

Area of Torgem Shipyard

Area of Shipyard is 19000 m2 with 2000 m2 covered area and 17000 m2 open area.
Enclosed with the final plan/layout as attached.


Multipurpose Building with;

2000 m2 Office Area
800 m2 Mess Hall
500 m2 Warehouse
500 m2 Manufacturing Workshop
600 m2 Dressing Room
50 m2 Electric Workshop

Workshop Building with;

250 m2 Dressing Room
250 m2 Classroom
250 m2 Pipe Workshop
250 m2 Pipe Warehouse


Hull Erection Area
No: 1 Slipway 150x25 m
No: 2 Slipway 110x17 m

Outfitting Quay
Dimensions 180 m X 14m
Water Depth Min. 5.5 Max.10 m

Maximum Tonnage

25.000 DWT

Annual Capacity

30.000 DWT/year

Annual Steel Processing Capacity

8000 ton/year for new building and 4000 ton/year for repairing

Expanding Capabilities

35000 DWT in total/year

Major Equipment List

5 x 10 tons Gantry Crane
1 x 80 tons Gantry Crane
1 x 100 tons Gantry Crane
1 x 65 tons Portal Crane
1 x 10 tons Caterpillar Forklift
1 x 7 tons Baoli Forklift
7 x Submerged Welding Machine
44 x Gas Metal Arc Welding Machine
261 x Electric Arc Welding Machine
1 x 250 KW Air Compressor
1 x 10 tons Magnetic Lifting Device
2 x 1 tons Magnetic Lifting Device
1 x Diesel Emergency Fire Pump
2 x Electric Motor Driven Fire pump

Transformer Station

1 x 2000 KVa Transformer and its structure



a.Electric Workshop
b.Maintenance Workshop
c.Pipe Workshop
d.Manufacturing Workshop


Ship Building Operations:

Torgem shipyard, with its 8000 ton/year steel process, has a capacity of building two 20000 DWT ship building. Currently, we are continuing building of 4 ships and testing of 1 ship.

Maintenance and Repair Operations:

Torgem Shipyard, with its 4000 ton/year steel process in ship repair, maintains services of routine ship maintenance, emergency repairs, extensive overhauls and conversions.


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Re: List of major shipyard in the world
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Pan United Marine Ltd. (Singapore, Batam)

Our Story

Pan-United Corporation Ltd started as a small ship chandler in 1958 and three decades later ventured into regional bulk shipping in the 1970s, and the marine industry in the 1980s. In the 1990s, PUC diversified the businesses into basic building resources and the Changshu Xinghua Port in Changshu City, Jiangsu Province, China. We were listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange in 1993.

Pan-United Corporation Ltd is one of Asia’s modern and dynamic enterprises with an integrated logistics and resource development business.
Our Businesses

The Group operates three core businesses – Basic Building Resources, Shipping and Port & Logistics – in Asia.
Basic Building Resources

The Basic Building Resources division is the largest cement and ready mixed concrete supplier in Singapore and one of the leading quarry operators in South East Asia, with strength in resource development. It produces and supplies basic building resources, namely cement, aggregate products, ready mixed concrete and refined petroleum products, to major public infrastructure and private sector projects in Singapore.

The Shipping division is specialized in bulk cargo transportation for over 30 years. Its fleet of young tugboats & barges ply South East Asia, and has a strong record as a reliable mover and supplier of natural resources like coal, gypsum, sand and aggregates.
Port & Logistics

The Port & Logistics division owns and operates Changshu Xinghua Port, a multi-purpose port, which is strategically located at the gateway to the dynamic Yangtze River Delta. Xinghua Port, which began operations in 1997, has grown rapidly to become one of China’s top 10 river ports and a leading hub for steel, logs and pulp & paper cargoes. This modern and efficiently managed port has a total berth length of 1.7 km to handle ocean-going vessels up to 100,000 dwt. It provides value-added services like cargo handling, stevedoring, warehousing and third-party logistics.
Our People

We value our people and they make the difference to bring success to the organization.
Financial Highlights FY 2011

    Revenue = $512.7 million
    Attributable profit to equity holders = $30.4 million
    Net dividend = 3.5 cents per share
    Total dividends = $19.5 million
    Dividend yield = 8.0%
    Dividend payout ratio = 64%
    Return on equity = 10.5 %
    Net Assets = $341.0 million
    Net cash flows generated from operating activities = $56.3 million
    Cash and cash equivalent = $91.2 million


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Re: List of major shipyard in the world
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Guangzhou Wenchong Shipyard Co. Ltd. (China),

Guangzhou WENCHONG SHIPYARD Co., Ltd. (GWS) is a large shipbuilding, shiprepairing and heavy industry enterprise in the south China, capable of repairing more than 140 ships ranging under 200,000 DWT and building 8 ships of 25,000 DWT annually. GWS is specialized in new building of full container ship series, dredger series, oil product tanker and multi-purpose cargo ship. The main heavy industry products include: harbor facility, all kinds of cranes, steel structure of bridge & high building, aluminum/brass molded extruder, etc.

Adjacent to Hong Kong & Marco, twenty kilometers southeast of the Guangzhou City and between new & old Hupangpu Port, GWS owns convenient communication. It has independent Import & Export Qualification to face the domestic & foreign market, International standards and class of GL、LR、ABS、BV、CCS and NK etc. can be adopted in new buildings and shiprepaire, with ISO9002 QUALITY SYSTEM CERTIFICATE awarded in Dec. 1996. There are 4,500 employees in GWS including 1,100 senior engineers and engineers. GWS occupies and 699,000m2 area with a wharf frontage of 1,320 meters and is equipped with two dry docks of 150,000DWT and 15,000DWT for ship repairing, one 25,000DWT drydock and one 20,000DWT slipway for shipbuilding.

Insisting on the policy of 'Improve shiprepairing, develop shipbuilding, explore diversified business and create advantages' and the spirit  'Being devoted and collaborative, striving for innovation and development', GWS offers whole-hearted service and hopes to establish long-term friendly cooperation with all customers.


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Re: List of major shipyard in the world
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China Shipbuilding Corporation (Taiwan),

Established in July 1999, China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation (CSIC) is a major state-owned enterprise group and one of China's largest shipbuilding and shiprepairing groups. It has 46 industrial subsidiaries and 28 R&D institutes.

CSIC is an entity directly under the state government with state authorisation for investment and capital management. The group has a total asset base of USD 27.54 billion and a workforce of 140,000.

The CSIC group includes a number of well-known shipyards, diesel engine manufacturers and research institutes. Among these are the Dalian Shipbuilding Industry Co., Ltd., Bohai Shipbuilding Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., Wuchang Shipyard, Shanhaiguan Shipyard, Qingdao Beihai Shipbuilding Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., Dalian Marine Diesel Works, China Ship Research & Development Academy and China Ship Scientific Research Centre. In addition to these pioneering companies, CSIC also has many specialised companies in different business sectors such as China Shipbuilding & Offshore International Co.,Ltd., China Ship Design & Research Centre Co.,Ltd., CSIC Finance Co.,Ltd. CSIC Technology Investment Development Co., Ltd. and China Shipbuilding Industry Equipment & Materials Co., Ltd. Recently, China Shipbuilding Industry Co., Ltd. has been established, aiming to consolidate the assets of the group's marine equipment manufacturing sector.

In addition to having the largest shipbuilding and shiprepair facilities in China, CSIC is also the leading player in the research and design of naval and merchant ships. The group's 28 R&D institutes employ more than 30,000 engineers.CSIC has eight state-level laboratory centres,seven state-level enterprise technological centres and 150 large-scale laboratories.

With this unrivalled scientific research and development base, CSIC has a large capability to design, develop and manufacture new products. It designs, builds and repairs a wide range of ships including tankers, chemical and product carriers, bulk carriers, containerships, ro-ro vessels, LPG, LNG and, engineering and offshore vessels. Ships built by CSIC shipyards have been exported to over 60 countries and regions around the world. Currently, the annual shipbuilding capacity of CSIC is 5 million dwt.

Besides shipbuilding and shiprepairing, CSIC is also a major marine engine and equipment manufacturer in China covering a full range of marine products. These products include high, medium and low-speed marine diesel engines, auxiliary engines, electronic instruments and military equipment. The technology of these products combines CSIC'S innovation with technology transfers from famous international manufacturers in their field.

CSIC's product range extends beyond the maritime industries and into the realm of designing and manufacturing large turnkey equipment It has developed and produced hundreds of non-marine products that are used in more than 20 industries and sectors such as aerospace, hydro-power, metallurgy, petrochemicals, tobacco, railways, automotive and city construction. Like its ships and marine equipment products, these non-marine products are also exported worldwide.

The main business areas of CSIC include:

- asset management for the group and its subsidiaries;
- domestic and overseas investment and financing;
- researching, developing and producing military products with a strong focus on naval ships;
- designing, building and repairing merchant ships;
- designing and manufacturing marine equipment and non-marine products for both domestic and overseas markets;
- various forms of beneficial economic and technological cooperation;
- turnkey project contracting and labour supply;
- manufacturing products under overseas licences and technology transfer agreements;
- construction and installation as well as carrying out other businesses under the state authorisation and appointment.

CSIC has a very clear strategic objective to achieve. It intends to be China's leading provider of naval ships and related equipment and systems as well as becoming the leading force in the Chinese shipbuilding industry, and to be a world-class global shipbuilder.


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Re: List of major shipyard in the world
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Riga Shipyard (Latvia)

About Us

RIGA SHIPYARD is one of the largest yards in the Baltic region repairing more than 100 seagoing vessels per year. RIGA SHIPYARD has built more than 130 hulls, some partially outfitted, since 1997.

Established in 1913 and having almost a century old history, today we continue to serve our European and Scandinavian customers focusing on ship repair, conversion and shipbuilding. Riga Shipyard co-operates with all Classification Societies, major equipment and paint manufacturers, logistics and shipping companies.

Riga Shipyard’s Quality Management System was approved by Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance as complying to Quality System Management Standard ISO 9001:2008 in 2001. Furthermore, Riga Shipyard’s Testing Laboratory has been recognized by BUREAU VERITAS as per Rule Note NR320 for tests, examinations, dectections and analysis.

RIGA SHIPYARD’s 9 berths, 3 docks and two slipways are located on the banks of Daugava river channels. The yard is capable to accommodate PANAMAX size vessels for dry-docking and AFRAMAX size vessels for afloat repairs. The works are being carried out all year round.

RIGA SHIPYARD consistently follows its policy of meeting customers’ requirements as customers’ interests come first.

RIGA SHIPYARD provides high quality and reasonably short repair and building time at competitive prices.


    Repair, building and metal construction works all year round;
    3 floating docks;
    2 slipways (95X16m and 115X16m) for building maximum 100m long hulls, launching weight - maximum 1.000t;
    Berths up to 8 meters in depth, total length – 2 000 meters;
    Shore cranes up to SWL 32 tons;
    Floating cranes up to SWL 100 tons;
    Agency service;
    Tugboats service (("Orkāns": 180GRT, 1189hp; "Ņečiporenko": 178GRT, 1189hp);
    Diving assistance;
    Testing Laboratory certified by BV and MRS;
    Full range of ship repair works and services 24 hours per day 7 days a week;
    Conversion of different types of vessels, including lengthening;
    Daily steel renewal capacity up to 10 tons per day and night;
    Riga Shipyard’s affiliate TOSMARE Shipyard operates 3 docks in Liepaja.

Finally, Riga Shipyard is located very close to the center of Riga city – the capital of Latvia. Its cultural and historical attractions might make a stay in Riga memorable and pleasant at any time of the year.
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Re: List of major shipyard in the world
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Cantieri del Mediterraneo S.a.P (Italy),


Founded in 1911 as Bacini & Scali Napoletani as a ship building and ship repair yard to manage 2 ship building slipways and 2 graving docks in the Port of Naples.

During the entire century the shipyard has been continuously dedicated mainly to ship repair activity as government owned company (lately named as SEBN) up to mid 1993.

In 1993 the shipyard became part of a private Group and the ship repair activities and drydock managing have been relieved by Cantieri del Mediterraneo s.p.a.

Starting in 1998 the shipyard has been significantly reorganized and from 2002 a new investment plan has been approved to improve shipyard facility and services.


The Shipyard, founded in 1911, is located in the Port of Naples, Italy .
It is 6 Km far from Naples International Airport and in connection with road track to speedway. The Shipyard covers an area of 160.000 m2 including workshops, service buildings, drydocks and repair quay.

The Shipyard owns all infrastructures and equipment for the ship repair purpose including slop collection facilities.
A total of four drydocks are available to dock ship up to 80.000 DWT.

All ship repair activities are covered through Shipyard personnel and Shipyard qualifed subcontractors.

• Engine repair - Auxiliary machinery overhaul - Mechanical construction and repairs
• Steel and piping fabrication
• Painting - Sandblasting and Hydroblasting (up to 2.500 bar)
• Boiler repair - Steam turbines overhaul
• Air conditioning
• Asbestos removal and site decontamination
• Ship electrical equipment and machinery
• Electronics and navigation aids instruments
• Non destructive testings (NDT: LP/MT/UT/RT)
• Interiors and outfitting

The Shipyard procedures are qualified in accordance with ISO 9002.


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Re: List of major shipyard in the world
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Martinique Drydock (Martinique),

The SIGBR is a dry dock of 180m. Surrounded by a truly complex technical equipment and bringing together professionals from ship repair. Know-how, quality and performance are the watchwords of this project with many possibilities.

Martinique Drydock
P.0. Box 995
97247 Fort-de-France Cedex

Tél.: +596 596 6317 69 / Fax : +596 596 63 17 69
Télex : DELANT 912 626 MR


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