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Kablewerk Eupen AG
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Kablewerk Eupen AG

KABELWERK EUPEN AG is today a leading cable manufacturer in Europe and one of the few cable manufacturers that has all the manufacturing facilities on one site. This enables flexibility in all stages, from design, through manufacturing up to final product testing.

EUPEN has solid experience with all major national and international standards as IEC, VDE, BS, NF, NBN, NEN, SEV, ...  and has the expertise in the field of:
    - Medium Voltage Power Cables
    - Low Voltage Power and Control Cables
    - Instrumentation Cables
    - Fibre Optic Cables
    - Halogen Free Fire Safety Cables
    - Signaling Cables
    - Airfield Lighting Cables and Connectors
    - Safety Cables for Nuclear Power Plants (LOCA tested)
    - Rubber Cables
    - Coaxial Cables & Accessories (50 Ohm & 75 Ohm)
    - Wave guides and accessories

KABELWERK EUPEN 's customer base includes, but is not limited to: wholesalers and agents, processing companies as electrical contractors, assembly workshops and industries and end users as telecommunication companies, electricity supply companies, private operators and other industrial end users.

Our ability to understand customer requirements and to meet and exceed expectations has made us to a reliable partner to many companies.

Our Tradition and Innovation as well as our customer focused philosophy makes us a reliable and unbeatable partner for the future.

The development, manufacture and delivery of high-quality products along with first-class service are among the declared goals of our company.

Customer’s satisfaction is our prime goal.
History & Tradition

Kabelwerk Eupen's history can be traced back to 1747. At that time, the Bourseaux family had a modest workshop making all kinds of jute ropes and hawsers.

Their wide knowledge and experience, acquired over many decades, led the brothers Carl and August Bourseaux to begin manufacturing cables towards the end of the 19th century.

This innovative decision had a significant impact on the Eupen based company's future as it was producing cables some 25 years before the widespread use of electricity as a major source of energy. New buildings were acquired, new production processes and techniques introduced, and insulation processes improved. A wire drawing mill and a rubber mixing plant were installed which together with the company's expertise led to its products becoming immensely successful. Years before the outbreak of the Second World War, the company had a fully integrated cable factory with several other side lines, e.g. rubber shoe soles and bicycle tyres.

Plastics appeared in the 50s and quickly became an integral part of the cable manufacturing process. The company soon realized the importance of this new material and installed two new production lines: one for plastic tube extrusion and the other for the very first production of synthetic foam in Europe.

The 60s saw the vast expansion of telecommunications. After the introduction of television, a pilot project was set up in 1962 where two Belgian towns had cable television transmission systems installed which used coaxial cable manufactured by Kabelwerk Eupen. Since then, Belgium has been at the forefront of this area of technology.

The 70s were marked by an increasing awareness of safety. Alongside the research and extensive investments made by the energy generating companies, Kabelwerk Eupen began work on safety cables for nuclear power plants.

By the early 80s the expensive registration procedures had been successfully completed and the company was supplying safety cables to nuclear power plants. This type of cable fully complies with the IEEE quality control; thus, long before the introduction of the ISO quality standards, Kabelwerk Eupen was already committed to promoting the concept of quality. Environmental concerns were also high on the company's agenda and in 1981 it developed and introduced a CFC-free foam technique. The development of a protective tube system for optical fibre cables towards the end of the 80s exemplifies a perfect synergy between tube and cable technology.

The 90s are increasingly marked by intensive Research and Development, the company has constantly improved its extensive manufacturing processes in its pursuit of improved quality.

Thus, the technology and expertise gained in the fields of cables, pipes and foam can be seen to complement each other, providing the company with a sound structural framework to move into the next century.


Kabelwerk Eupen AG's distribution network reaches various groups of customers.Our objective of being geographically close to our customers is actively pursued in more than 50 countries.
Kabelwerk Eupen AG has an extensive network of local agents in a great number of locations throughout the world, ensuring that our customers can always find someone who speaks their language.

Moreover, our comprehensive storage and distribution network in many countries, enables a speedy delivery of a wide range of our products.

History with picture

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